2 JUNE 1860

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Garibaldi is at length master of Palermo, according to in-

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formation derived from sources whioh ought to be in possession of authentic intelligence. On the 27th of May, aided, no doubt, by a- ..heroie population, the long-suffering...


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THE Whitsun recess is over, and Members and Ministers are once more in their places. Their brief holiday has been diversi- fied alike by storm and sunshine, and the material has...

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L l'Ont of the most interesting domestic incidents is the presenta-

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48A gold medals by the Royal Geographical Society to Lady Franklin and Sir Leopold M'Clintock. No two subjects of her Majesty deserve honours more than these, and we only hope...

thhattsun turtritingo in Vorlinnunt.

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OF THE WEER. House or CosnioNs. Thursday, May 31. Supply ; Army Estimates, debate on Military topics-Sir John Barnard's Act Repeal, 8cc.; Bill read a third...

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The annual meeting of the Royal Geographical on Monday was dis tinguished by the presentation of gold medals to Lady Franklin and Si Leopold M'Clintock. Lord de Grey and Ripon...

bt Court.

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Tax QUEEN and the Prince Consort, accompanied by their children, re- turned to Buckingham Palace on Thursday, from the Isle of Wight. During her stay at Osborne, the Queen laid...

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• ruuturial.

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The Council of the Lancashire Reformers' Union held a meeting at Manchester on Tuesday to discuss the constitutional question raised by the House of Lords. Mr. Bright, present,...

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It is stated by an Armagh paper that, after full consideration of the importance of the step, the Duke of Manchester has decided upon placing the numerous schools on his grace's...

fortigu putt trilininl.

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511114.-It has now been established beyond question, that on the 27th of May, Garibaldi stormed the town of Palermo, and that on the 28th he attacked the Castle. The narrative...

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In a very concise pamphlet of twelve octavo pages, Mr.

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Jol i : s Lettsom Elliot suggests a plan for reconciling the Parliamentary repr4etntation of members with the representation of " property." Ho proposes that all counties should...

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SAT17EDAY AITERNOON. The motion for adjournment until Monday, in the House of Commons, last night, was according to custom, seized as an opportunity for in- dulging in irre...

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The Queen held a Court yesterday at Euckngham Palace, and

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gave audience to the Sovereign Prince of Lichtenstein, Prince Louis and Prince Henry of Hesse, and Lord John Russell. -The Prince Consort had genie by railway to Maybury in...

The Grand Vizier has quitted Constantinople on a tour .,of

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inquiry into the state of the Christians in the Roumelia. Aali Pasha fills his post during his abgence. The Emperor of Austria received the members of the Imperial Council...


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svoca Been...lees, FRIDAY Arrzarroos. The Funds have experienced a fluctuation of about 1 per cent since the commencement of business on Monday morning. Console were first...

We have seen a very admirable steituette ofiord Riche in

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his volunteer uniform, executed by a promising 3-oung Grerman sculptor, Mr. Kuntze. The head is full of life and &mad* and exquisitely modelled; the atti- tude—holding the cap...

Ittttr to tOt (biter..

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THE MOORE Munich, 20th May, 1860. Sin—I am sure you will allow me an opportunity through the medium of your journal to correct the strange assertions contained in Mr. Morris...

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THE REPRESENTATION OF THE PEOPLE BILL IN COMMITTEE. No mistake could be greater than to suppose that Parliament will stand absolved from very serious discredit should it fail...

Munich, 111h February, 1860. Honoured Sir—Instructed by a fellow, Mr.

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Doepler, respecting your doubts with regard to an address presented to Mr. Morris Moore, the So- ciety has taken the subject into consideration, and commissioned the under-...


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the 224 of Ilay, at 6, Stanhope Street, Hyde Park Gardens, the Wife a the en Powell, Basilian Professor of Geometry in the University of Oxford, of .on. On the 234, at The...


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Bankruptcy Annulled.—SAIWEL ADAMS, Ware, banker. Bankrapts.—nicasan BARNES, Norwich, shoemaker—Janes ALFRED AXTELL and Co., White's Ground, Bermondsey, tanners —BOWL'S...

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ME state of the Continent every day urges the alternative ques- tion—a Congress, or chronic war ? The fate of millions for a half-century of happiness, or such a half-century...

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TEE intelligent suggestion of our Belfast correspondent has given rise to the following considerations and objections. If fully-enclosed packets, or, in other words, small...


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Report of the Committee on Money Bills, whose la- bours will be confined to a search for precedents and a collateral investigation of the customs of Parliament in regard to...


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THE clerical world is just now in that state of excitement which attends the translation of a bishop to an archbishoprio, and the consequent creation of a new bishop. The...

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Tw - Eary-rwo years ago a Select Committee of the House of Com- mons, under the presidency of Sir William Molesworth, inquired into the working of the system of transportation...

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No duty is so essentially necessary to the judicial function as waiting for evidence. The judge, who said that he never had any difficulty in dealing with a case which came...

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Before the Exhibition of 1861, no one thought of making a lock, save Bramah, or Chubb. They were the orthodox makers, and men believed in them. The American Hobbs dispelled the...


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SIR ROBERT WILSON'S NARRATIVE OP THE CAMPAIGN OE 1812.* THE broad outline of the invasion of Russia by the Emperor Napoleon and of the retreat of the French in the winter of...


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On Friday, the 25th instant, Mr. W. Pengelly, lectured "On the Devonian Fossils of Devon and Cornwall," and illustrated his discourse with a selection from the numerous organic...

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THOUGICES IN AID OF FAITH. • To demolish a philosophical system

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is easier than to construct one which shall permanently and satisfactorily replace it. Works of negative criticism abound ; and their influence may be esti- mated by the...

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amain . SHAILFSPEAR'S reasons for writing a book are the best in the world : his subjects are very interesting, they concern mul- titudes of people, and he understands them...

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IN THE REAL AND THE BEALr IDEAL, we have a good enough little book by the Author of Visiting My Relations. It is written in the form of unposted Letters or possibly Addresses to...

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31/noir. -

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La Gazza Ladra was revived at Covent Garden on Saturday last. It is strange that this opera should require to be revived—one of the most beautiful and celebrated of Rossini's...

ft #2 t4ratroo.

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The French company under M. Talexy has made a good beginning at the St. James's Theatre. it Chereu Blanc, by M. Octave Feuillet, is just one of those short conversational...

At the Strand, there is a new " comedy "

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called 4 . /ipearizneis in which a number of persons are supposed to wear a variety of moral maks, which are duly taken off in the end. Neither with nor without the cloak are...

Mr. Phelps continues to "star" at the Princess's Theatre, where

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he has already played the Hen of the World, the Fool's .Revenge, Othello, and Hamlet.


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"The Life and Correspondence of William, First Lord Auckland," with introduction and preface by the Right Honourable Lord Auckland, is announced as forthcoming by )11r. Bentley....

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Liszt is about to marry a Russian princess. "The German

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journals," says the Gazette Musicale, " announce the approaching marriage of Franz Liszt with the princess Wittgenstein. The dispensation so long expected- has arrived from...

We desire to call the attention of our benevolent readers

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to a musical entertainment which is to take place on Friday next at the Music Hall in Store Street, given by the committee of "The Society for Improving the Social Position of...

lint arts.

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At the anniversary meeting of the Geographical Society when the medal was presented to Sir Leopold M`Clintock, it was proposed by Sir Roderick Murchison, that the Society should...


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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Pricerr.) &aura 11mdey. neaatar. 951 951 931 931 s S pec Cent Consols, DItte for Account per Cents Reduced New 3 per Cents Annuities 1480 Annuities...

PORTRA/T OF Gaitrnairan. At Graves' in Pall Mall, there is

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an admi- rable likeness of this remarkable man. It is an oil painting by one of the Orsini family, a cousin, we believe, of Felice Orsini who was guillotined. The countenance ia...

The Queen has signified her approval of Mr. Spence's model

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of the statue of "The Lady of the Lake, a commission from her Majesty, and designed as a companion to Mr. Spence's picturesque statue, "The Highland Mary." The statue was...

A society has been in operation these two years for

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encouraging the study of a very beautiful art of old times—that of illuminating manu- scripts. For some years it has been evident that the public taste for decoration has been...