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The military intelligence does not include all the news of

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im- portance received from Asia. There are accounts from Canton to the 27th of June. Two edicts had been issued by the Chinese authorities, prohibiting commerce with foreign...


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pant Whigs and Tories have displayed vigour in assaults upon victuals. " Greatly daring" have they " dined," and doubtless in pant Whigs and Tories have displayed vigour in...

Another powerful monarch has fallen before the British arms in

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Asia, almost without a struggle. Sir Jim.; KEANE, at the head of his refreshed troops, marched from Candithar at the close of May, and arrived before Ghoznee, the strongest...

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Letters from Constantinople, of the 9th October, mention reports that

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IBRAHIM PACHA was taking the surest means of producing a settlement of the Eastern question. He had advanced with his army to Crcsarea, and deposed the Turkish Pacha of that...

Of French news, properly so called, there is little in

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the Paris newspapers received in London : the latest dates, however, are Tuesday's, the boisterous weather in the Channel having prevented the regular arrival of the packets....

Time Spanish Ministry is in a state of dissolution, and

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the loving scene in the Chamber of Deputies was only the prelude to fierce contention. The remnant of the civil war in Catalonia and Arra- gon is marked by dreadful atrocities...


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The London Gazette Extraordinary of Wednesday contains extracts from despatches received at the India House from the Governor- General of India, dated Simla, on the 22d August,...

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The Metropolitan improvements are stopped. because the wi,; . e men who

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conducted the bill through. Parliament omitted a clause necessary to enable them to raise the sum of money required !-200,000/. The Magistrates of the Strand Union Petty...

At a meeting of the Middlesex Magistratee. cvii Thursday, reports

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of the Visiting Justices respecting the I louse of Correction and the New Prison were bromeht up. In the firet, the number nf prisoners was 784 males, 302 females, and 20...

'ape (Court.

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No event of unusual interest has occurred to enliven the routine of Royalty since our last publication. No lanyolry-maid has set the Castle- chimney on fire ; no gild:ma-pig...

Zr: Dr ifirtropoIN.

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C'oert of Common Cmmeil aczcceicil.clecl Oa Thursday. The attendance of members Nvas unusually nue:earls, and the Guildhall the scene of extraordinary bustle. The first business...

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A party of - Yorkshire Whigs dined together at York

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on the 24th with Mr. J. C. Dundas, M.P., for chairman. The principal speakers' were Mr. Dundas, Sir George Strickland, Mr. Harland, and Mr. Cayley, The Chairman laboured with...

The North Staffordshire Conservatives had a grand muster at Stone

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on Tuesday. A handsome pavilion, capable of holding 500 persons, and which had been erected for the occasion, was completely filled. Lnrd Ingestrie tonic the chair. The...

Zbe Vrobinces.

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Earl Fortescue, having resigned the Lord-Lieutenancy and Vice- Admiralship of Devonshire, on account of his advanced age, Lord Ebrington has been appointed his successor in both...

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The Duke of Buckingham dined on Saturday with a party

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of farmers at a tavern in Buckingham. His Grace told the company, that "the Corn-laws, in their actual shape, were the very best that could be framed," and he urged them "never...

Sir C. Shaw has been appointed C amniseioner for Bolton,

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at a salary of 20111. a year—for one ycer only. The other 3001. that Colonel Angelo was to have received is tet 1 , e appropriatea to providing addi- tional poliee.—Mant.heskr...


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Sir Ralph Howard, M.P. for Wicklow, has 1)11'4i:died an address to Iris constituents, announcing that he can no longer support Lord Mel- bourne's Administration. This is Sir...

Mr. Vernon Smith appointed the son of Mr. Sharp, a

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retired barber us Northampton, to an office in the India House. This appoiatment created muclaremark, as it was known to be given for electioneering services rendered by the...

A stew Protestant Association has Cresswell, M.P., spoke with ineeh

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purpose of setting it afloat. The ( at ere i ita0o0 stroeg, me; tier-ct it t.inl.s to be execediagle uteri itt ■• • I Lord Arundel hes yeteeod 1 - on v. hich a Diseentieg et...

The Bristol Conservatives say that they have gained 260 votes

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by the last registration. The Bath Conservatives claim a gain of 49 votes as the result of the Parliamentary - revision. The Leicestershire Mercury states that the Liberals...

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A party of' Edinburgh Whigs emelt:deed. Sit' Joha Campbell at a public breakfltst on the z1 th Oeteleet, at Barry's British Hotel, Queea Street. Thu party numbered about one...

The Dublin Miw dor of , 11 It into contains

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a long reportof the pro- eeediags at a meetimtg I. tlalway. Tie , meeting was attended by nearly all the . 'eel:sloes (Ail:ale_ Mr. Tor- rens delives..1 ;•: U.. veleide e the...

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The SiLlc contains a letter from St. Petersburg, stating that

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the ill- ness of the Empress of Russia has taken so alarming a eh:teener that little hopes are entertained of her recovery. The Emperor, whose attachment to her Majesty is...


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Lord Brougham ltas written to a friend in town, denying in indignant language that he originated or countenanced the hoax about his death. He says that, having been more than...

The Magistrates of Irvine and a party of gentlemen gave

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the Earl of Eglintoun a banquet on Tuesday, in a " large, substantial pavilion, ereleml for the occasion, and fitted up in a style of comfort and elegance which has not been...

'1'he following strange epistle from 1,:mdy I,yeem Iltilwer. originally addressed

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to the editor of the -1.1 - orliqg i's!, :IOW on its travels thruugh the press— no, his. Slue lie mein, nave, Oe'..1,r 29. Sir — Disagreeable as it i. to me to have mv name...

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In the last number of this journal we published extracts

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from letters relative to the want of labourers in British Guiana, and the failure of the attempt to convert the Maltese emigrants into useful and profitable servants. In one of...

It appears from the annual report of the Secretary of

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the Treasury, that the total imports into the United States in 1838 amounted to 113,717,404 dollars ; the exports to 10s,486,616 dollars. The principal items which make up these...

A telegraphic &spat. h from 'Sladrid, published in the ..11 - oniteur

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of Monday, states that the Fueros Bill had passed the Senate by a majo- rity of 73 to 6 ; that the Ministers of the Marine and the Interior had sent in their resignations—whieh...


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Arrived. — At GravesetiL Oct. 2501, Sea Witch, Bedlinap. from Bengal ; and Ca- lamhilie, Reed, from th.; Cape. In the Chained, Prime George, Barclay. from Bombay ; Clandine,...


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Warvorricr, Nov. 1.-17th Light. Dragoons—Limit B. A. P. Kingscoto to be Capi• by purchase. vice Voilden, who retires ; t'airnet W. M. Mitchell to be Limn, by par- chase, Vie....

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We understand two causes have delayed the publication of the

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Trea- sury warrant, which, according to the Act of Parliament, must declare the modus operandi and commencement of the Uniform Penny Post. The first is the obvious public...


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Sue LYTTON &LIVER'S new play, called The Sea Captain, or the Birth- right, was produced at the Haymarket on Thursday; and with great applause. Not only was Maensavv, the Sea...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. Results of the Municipal elections in several towns are stated in pro- vincial newspapers of this day's date, received to-night. It appears that in the...

From a statement in the Globe, which seems to be

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derived from a re- port made yesterday at a meeting of the Middlesex Reform Registration Club, we learn, that during the last four years the Liberals have made 3,757 objections...

The Frankfort Journal mentions, that Mr. Wheaton. the American Envoy,

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has obtained more favourable terms for the United States from the German Customs Union, than Dr. Bowring could secure for Eng- land. There is to be a considerable reduction in...

The Paris papers of Thursday have not arrived. Those of

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Wednes- day, received only last night, contain no political news. The weather in Paris was exceedingly severe ; and it snowed, with a gale from the North-east, during the whole...

A letter from Liverpool, dated yesterday, in the Times this

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morning, says- " The wind continues to blow very fresh from the Eastward. The arrivals from the 'Westward are, consequently, very few. Yesterday one vessel only made port. Even...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, THURSDAY AFTERNOON. The Stock Exchange will be closed to-morrow, on the occasion of one of the few holydays now kept; our week's report must therefore be made...

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Drury Lane opened for the season on Saturday, under unpropitious

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circumstances for the new management : the Dude Light, that was so prominent a feature in the bills, did not shrine forth, the audience was scant, an apology was made for the...

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TIIE PHILLPOTHAN DOCILITY. Jr we wished particularly well to the Tories, as some. very dull or very malignant. persons have at times thought fit to say we do, we should have...

Jack Shepp«rd, which is the attraction of half-a-dozen different minor

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theatres, has been got up at the Adelphi in the effective style for which this camera !tickle of stage pictures is famous. BocasroNE, the fitter of the story, has employed paste...

A new play by SHERIDAN KNOWLES, with the brief but

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significant title Love, is to be brought out at Covent Garden on Monday ; in which ELLEN TREE is to make her appearance ; VESTBIS also playing a prin- cipal character.

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EDINBURGH has within the last dull month been the scene of seve- ral stirring events. First, a letter was received from one of its Representatives, dated " Windsor Castle ; "...

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THE destruction of opium, worth between two and three millions sterling, which was going on at the rate of 300 chests daily when the last accounts left Canton, proves the...


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ACCORDING to an article on " The Registration of 1839," in the number of Fraser's Magazine for November, just published, the Conservatives have secured the means of replacing,...

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THE resolution of the landed interest to cling to the present Corn laws, as a sheet-anchor, gains strength. Their extraordinary acti- vity during the recess was especially...

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MICHIGAN is one of the lately-settled States of America ; touching with its base Lake Erie, and lying between Lakes Michigan and Huron, the last-named, water separating it from...

The King of Naples, by an ordinance dated the 9th

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instant, has per- mitted the importation of tbreian books (which, however, are to be pre- viously inspected by a board censorship) at a reduction of two-thirds in the duty, but...


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COLWIZATION, A New Home—Who'll Follow? or Glimpses of Western Life. By Mrs. Mary (lavers, au Actual Settler Wiley and Putnam; Francis, New York. Firebox, Real Pearls in a False...

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Iln.tas about the same relation to the generality of novels as the broadest farce does to comedy. Separately many of the incidents may have occurred, but the whole is morally...

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TURNING over, for the purpose of final decision, several publics- dons merely catalogued on their first arrival, The Man in the Mon seemed to challenge some notice ; not as a...

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Booxs. An Abstract of the Evidence taken before the Committee of the House of Lords upon the State of Crime in Ireland during the period from June 1833 to January. 1839....


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THIS standard work forms the first number of another enterprising speculation to supply the classes below the wealthy, and indeed toe mass of the people, with solid literature...

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Six New Songs and Ballads, written by Tnomits Moons, Esq. B Si or THALBERG. Impromptu fbr the Pianoforte. " Mi manca twee," arranged for Ditto. c g n In what light, we are...