4 JANUARY 1840

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NEWS. FOREIGN COUNTRIES. America-President's Message to Con. gross, 50. Boundary question, 194,362, 385, 674. 801. Presidential election, 841. 1178. Eelgiunt--New Ministry,...

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The Russian Government has published a formal declaration of

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war against the Khan of Chiva, an Asiatic. . Caspian, and . extending in a southerly direccim to the frontiers of Persia. The offences of Chiva are thus stated- " It daily...

The Foreign news of.the week possesses few features of interest.

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The recurrence of New-Year's Day interrupted business in the French Chambers; and party politics in France are in the same languid state as in England. It is said that Gurzot is...


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Punue attention is again directed to Monmouth, where the trial of the State prisoners commenced on Tuesday. The examination Of witnesses against Joust FROST, the first...

Another lull in the world of party politics. Even the

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little stir which electioneering caused in some towns appears to have nearly ceased. Weeks pass away and few care to inquire about the pros- pects of' candidates or parties....

Anti-Corn-law meetings have been held in Glai:gow and Leeds. In

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Glasgow, the non-electors having been excluded, the Chartists were in a minority ; and in Leeds only a few were present. lf, however, the Cliartists should exhibit similar...

Some changes in the Spanish Ministry are about to be

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made with the view of conciliating Escnunuto. Nothing of bnportance has occurred at the seat of war.

Mr. O'CONNELL continues to hold meetings and make speeches in

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Dublin. He proposes tO . organize a " Queen's Friends and Irish Protection Society," to preserve her Majesty fipm the machi- nations of her treacherous subjects in England and...

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Vlbe Vrobfrues.

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The trial of the state-prisoners, confined in Monmouth Gaol, com- menced on Tuesday, the day to which the Special Commission was adjt urned. All the anticipations of disturbance...

Mt Court.

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PREPARATIONS are making at Buckingham Palace, under the direction of Mr. Blore, for the reception of the Court towards the end of the next week—the 9th instant being the day...

Zbe Aftletropolis.

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A deputation of the Marylebone tradesmen waited upon the Marquis of Normanhy, at the Home Office, on Saturday last, to complain of in- jury from i.e construction put by the...

The Savvy Quarter-sessions commenced on Tuesday. There - were no fewer

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tenn seventy - three cases of' felony, although the last session of the Court bad terminated only three weeks ago. At the Manshmhonse, on Thursday, Mr. Mashy, a merchant of'...

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The Leeds newspapers contain long reports of a meeting held

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in that town on the 26th ultimo, "to take into consideration the condition of the unemployed and distressed poor of that district, with a view to the adoption of prompt and...

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The Conservatives of Totnes have procured as a second candidate

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Mr. J. G. Teed, a barrister ; and they hope to exclude both the Whigs— Lord Seymour and Mr. Blount. Captain Child, who is supported by powerful Whig interest, will op- pose Sir...

At the " Rai:shire Epiphany Sessions," held at Reading on

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Wednes- day, the Maaistrates decided by a vote of 37 to 21 against the introduc- tion of the County Constabulary Act into Berkshire. At the Birmingham Sessions, a true bill for...

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Mrs. Brougham, the Venerable mother of' Lord Brougham, died at

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Brougham flail on Tuesday„ at the advanced age of eighty-seven.. TIm fidlowing obituary notice has been sent to the newspapers, we presume by time relatives of the deceased...

Mr. Hutton, counsel to Mr. O'Connell, has been appointed to

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preside at the ensuing Sessions for the county of Antrim. Mr. !Limon goes the North-east Circuit ; and, if no other reason could he urged against the appointment, this of'...


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Friday the 10th of January has be is hi iullv ixed upon as the day for the meeting of the Irish friends of the Miuistry. The requisitiou extends to a guilt length, The chief...


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At a meeting held in Glasgow on Saturday, from which non-electors were excluded, resolutions in favour of a repeal of the Corn-laws were carried by a large majority; though not...

. , • Jfitsrellanrotts.

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The yerend II. Pepys, the Lord Chancellor's brother, succeeds to the Bishoprie of' Soden. and Man. The (auhe says that the Reverend Dr. Molesworth has been presented by the...

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The Wolverhampton Liberals gave an entertainment on Thursday to their

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Representatives, Mr. Villiers and Mr. Thornely. A report of the speeches and proceedings appears in this morning's Gimmick— roost inconveniently for the Spec/Woe's time and...

The Pope has issued a Bull couched in terms the

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most authoritative and impressive, against the traffic in human beings, which the subjects of Roman Catholic States, especially Spain and Portugal, have persisted in carrying...

The Moniteur of Sunday contains long and circumstantial accounts of

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contests which took place on the 14th and 15th instant, near Belida, between General Rulhieres and the Arabs, in which the latter were routed and sabred. The French lost five...


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On the F.:7th Dec.. in Upper Brook Street, the Lady Mmtv Km:wick% of a sou, who survived only a shod time. On the i1,I Dee., hi Grosvenor Street, the Lady of Dr. LATuAm, of a...


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SATURDAY. The continuation of John Frost's trial at Monmouth is given in the morning papers. Captain Gray described the attack on the AVestgate Hotel. I to swore distinctly,...

American papers to the 5th of December have been received

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by the packet-ship Cambridge, front New York. The President's Message had not reached New York ; two days having been consumed in a fruitless debate in the House of...

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There is no Continental news of any importance.

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Arrived—At Gravesend, Jail. 1st, Orator, Jenkins, from Madrits • and 2d, Es..ox. Ford, from ditto; 33, M I ry Ann, Jones, from Boligal. Oil Dover, 3I, Asia. Patterson , from...


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THE TOPIC OF TOPICS. " To believe practically tint the poor and luckless are here only as a nuisance to be abraded and abated, and in some permissible manner made away with,...


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7,000,0001. of money consequent upon the payment of the January Dividends, has caused an improvement in the Money Market, and all descriptions of public Securities have improved...

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DurZING the e01.11Se Or ten years the subject of Colonization has found a 1)1 cc ill tile CO1111111E4 a tile S1tiTh/10/' whenever opportunity served, and not seldom whet) many...

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AUSTRALIA. "Downing Street, 23d December 1839. " Gentlemen—The letter of the 9th instant addressed by your Chairman to one of my Under Secretaries, proposing to hold an...


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Ix a recent number of the Times the following passage struck us- " A safe and sheltered port is still ready to receive the majestic British man-of-war. Fraud and villany, and...


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WHEN, at the commencement of last year, the opponents of Corn- laws foretold the continuance of scarcity and high prices of grain, they were referred to the increased breadth of...

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TO THE EDITOR OP THE SPECTATOR. Cierkenwell, 2d January 1840. SIR—It appears from a Ministerial evening paper, that the Government are endeavouring to fig up an old jobbing...


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Is 83-1, 35, and 3(i, Mr. TURNBULL, with his brother, a clergyman of the Establishmentonade an extensive Continental tour, including Germany, Greece, Turkey, and Hungary, having...


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Tuevs:r.s, Austria. By Peter Evan Turnbull, Esq., F.R.S., F.S.A. In 2 vol. Murray. BIOGIL11.11Y, !delimits of Admiral Sir Sidney Smith, Szc. By the Author of " menu the...

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THOV011 never commanding in a general action, and scarcely en- gaged in any great event of the last war, Sir SIDNEY SMITII stands a better chance of' immortality than any of his...

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TIIE rninuT.

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THE distinguishing characteristic of the writings of this author is, a story of the first-class circulating-library description, combined with a high degree of literary merit....

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THE 1110ailly overflow of Periodicals, bearing date "January 1840," came pouring in at a pausing-moment in the progress of publica- tion ; and while the bibliopoles are busy "...

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BOOKS. The Life and Serviees of General Lord Harris, G.C.B., durin g his Campaigns in America, the West Indies, and India. By the Bight Hon. S. 11. 1.usiliNGTON, Private...

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BEATH OF ME. HILTON. BRITISH ART has lost one of its brightest ornaments, and the Academy a distinguished and valuable member, by the death of NVILLIAM Hivrox, B.A. .Mr....