5 AUGUST 1865

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The audience at the last performance of L'Africaine at Covent

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Garden on Saturday found a greater sensation awaiting them at its conclusion than even the practicable ship or the upas tree. It was neither more nor less than a brief and...

All through the week the progress of the Great Eastern,

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with the Atlantic cable on board, has been watched with the keenest interest, but on Wednesday there was evidently a hitch. On Thursday it had not been removed, and on Friday...

The great mortality from this disease has hitherto been among

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cows kept in London, and it is necessary to mention that there seems little chance of its infecting the milk. One of the first symptoms of its appearance is the total loss of...

The special correspondent of the Times has convinced himself by

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careful inquiry that the stories of the treatment of the Northern prisoners by the South were true. He has seen and conversed with victims of the South, and believes that in the...


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1-1HERE is always a lull after the elections, and this time it has 1 set in with unusual severity. The politicians have gone abroad or become hoarse, no one is speaking, and it...

A great Commercial Convention was held at Detroit, in Michi-

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gan, on the 10th of July. It was attended by delegates from most of the Boards of Trade in the United States, and by repre- sentatives from British America, the total number...

The Russian cattle pest has, it appears, been imported into

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England, and is producing the greatest alarm. It is a catarrhal affection, producing a purulent humour, which has a tendency to work outwards, is highly contagious, and nearly...

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A stringent law for the abolition of slavery is to

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be brought into the Portuguese Cortes. That is good, but if the King will hang the first colonial governor who breaks it that will be better. Even Southern slavery was endurable...

At the last Exeter assizes Mary Jane Harris and Charlotte

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Winsor, residing near Torquay, were tried on a charge of murder- ing an infant child of the latter, but the jury were unable to agree, and were discharged. On the 28th July...

There is a Mr. G. M. Hicks- somewhere in Bloomsbury,

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who, we take it, is about as sensible, kindly, and practical a philanthro- pist as exists in England. This gentleman and his wife have organized iu Woburn Buildings, Clare...

There is to be a grand contest at the half-yearly

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meeting of the Great Eastern Railway on the 21th inst. Captain Jervis, the deputy-chairman, intends to call for a committee of inquiry into the conduct of his colleagues, the...

The Sprague case has ended in a verdict of acquittal.

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Mr. Sprague, surgeon, of Ashburton, was, it will be remembered, accused of poisoning his wife, her mother, and his father-in-law, by putting belladonna into a pie. It was proved...

A convict named Jarvis was on Tuesday tried at Croydon

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on the charge of stabbing a Scripture-raabr. The man, wh seem e d quiet and intelligent, and who is vary ill, but who has %33 3 I a life of- convictions, made a remarkable...

Prince Arthur has been "inaugurating" another memorial to the Prince

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Consort at Tenby. It is a marble statue 8ft. 9in. in height, placed upon a pedestal of 18ft., made of the grey marble of the locality. The Prince, who is just fifteen years and...

Of all the Southern States Virginia appears least disposed to

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submit either to re-union or emancipation. A majority in her new Legislature are Secessionists, and the judge of the Civil Court, Alexandria, has recently refused to receive the...

A great battle has been fought on the Parana, the

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grand South l American river, commonly called in England, from the name of its 'estuary, the Plate. Lopez, the Dictator of Paraguay, moved by events related in another column,...

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Thehown Connell of Bradford have done something very un- usualcin

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town councils--developed an idea. They are about, on the angestion of the Town' Clerk,% Mr. Rayner, to bring a Bill into POliament enabling them to establish a municipal...

The remodelling of the Austrian Ministry has been completed, 'Count

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Belcredi being gazetted Minister of State and of Police, Count Larisch-Mtenich Minister of Finance, and Count biensdorff- Pouilly of Foreign Affairs, retaining also his rank as...

Another man has been acquitted for shooting at a trespasser.

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He was named Winter, and occupied some land near Croydon, upon which one Maynard and another entered to pull watercresses. Winter took up a gun and threatened to shoot them if...

A prospectus has been issued of the Menai Park and

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Hotel Com- pany, with a capital of 70,0001., in 10/. shares. The object of the company is to purchase an estate of about 80 acres, situated near the Menai Straits, possessing...

The Consol market has ruled heavy during the whole of

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the week, and a fall has taken place in prices. On Saturday last the closing price, both for money and time, was 90i I. Yesterday the latest official quotations were, for money...

The closing prices of the leading Foreign Securities, yesterday and

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on Friday week were :— Friday. July 28. Friday, August 4. •• • • .. 21 .. 24 (}r e ek ke.,?oupons .. • — .. — • • 231 .. 231 Spanish Passive .. .. .. 29 .. 281 Do....

The clergy of the Archdeaconry of London have this week

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been electing two proctors to serve as their representatives in Convo- .cation. It seems that the Archdeaconry of Middlesex elects two snore, and the Bishop selects one of each...

The second annual general meeting of the shareholders of the

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Land. Securities Company was held on the 31st ult., the Right Hon. Lord Naas, M.P., in the chair. The report presented stated that the net profits for the twelve months ending...

The German singing clubs, which are as numerous as the

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German 'villages, have resolved to hold an annual " confederate" festival, and the first celebration took place at Dresden on the 22nd ult. The festival lasted three days, and...

The municipal elections in France have resulted in the dismissal

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of hosts of mayors. A mayor does not lose his office if not elected to the municipal council, but it is usually a point of etiquette to resign, and the changes have this year...

Mr. Gale, who believes that he has discovered the secret

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of making gunpowder innocuous, has patented and revealed his plan. He mixes glass, ground very fine, with the powder in the proportion of four to one, and the powder will then...

The leading British Railways left off at the following prices

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yesterday and on Friday week :— Friday, July 28. Caledonian .. .. .. .. .. .. 132 Great Eastern .. .. . • •• 471 Great Northern .. .. .. • • 131 Great Western.. .. .. .. .. 651...

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THE DETROIT CONVENTION. O F all the delusions current in England about this Ame- rican war none have been so enduring and few so dis- astrous as the belief in the imminent...

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T HERE is something singularly exciting to the imagination in this war on the Parana. A sicgle man inheriting absolute power over the only native race in America who in our time...

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A CASE of singular importance to the interests both of Great Britain and America was heard last week before Sir Page Wood, whose opinion did not excite quite the atten- tion it...

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THE AUSTRIAN PROPOSAL. E VENTS have sometimes an irony almost as

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visible as if it were embodied in words, and the settlement of the Schleswig-Holstein question reported this week suggests their most ironical mood. Everybody concerned is more...

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T HE first, though not the most pressing question brought before the Congress which meets in November will pro- bably be the amount of the national expenditure. In that body...

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T HEpublic, in its healthy horror of the crimes committed by Charlotte Winsor, the Torquay murderess, has we think rather missed the point of the ghastly story told by her...

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TN the very first of the series of papers on the "Great Governing Families" which have so long been publishing in these columns, we ventured to lay down the principle that Great...

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M HZ Master of Stair, author of the Glencoe massacre, married Elizabeth, daughter and heiress of Sir John Dundas, of New- liston, in the county of Linlithgow, and was succeeded...

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[FROM OUR SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT.] New York, July 21, 1865. As the Count De Grammont was riding away from London on his way to France he was overtaken by two gentlemen, brothers,...

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To THE EDITOR OF THE " SPECTATOR." SIR,—Whilst the Times is holding forth, ex profess°, after its fashion, on the merits and probable issues of the singular war now raging in...

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PREHISTORIC MAN.* Wa have nowhere seen it stated that objection was publicly made to Sir John Lubbock during his recent candidature for the represen- tation of West Kent on...


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Os, noblest statesman thou, of all our time, On to the tasks that lie before thee still, To guide, control, raise, purify the will Of toiling millions in their manhood's...

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IT is not easy to write an advertisement which shall fill a hundred pages demy octavo, yet be clever enough to be read, and we con- gratulate Mr. Melton on his success. He has...

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FOLIA suxur .A E.*

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This collection of Latin verses is in effect a continuation of the Mum Anglicanw, and the idea of it was decidedly a good one. The editor has not indeed strictly confined...

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THE two stories in the Cornhill, "Wives and Daughters" and Armadale," always go on well, the weak chapters when they occur serving only as crust for the pâté, and this month...

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Seleaggio, a Tale of Italian Country Life. By the author of Mary Powell. (Sampson Low, Son, and Marston.)—This is a disappointing book. If it really gave a clear and distinct...

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A Dream of Idleness, and other Poems. By W. Cosmo

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Monkhouse. (Edward Moxon.)—Mr. Monkhouse tells us he "has written much verse, and hopes to write more." We fear it is our duty, if not to object to his past expenditure of time,...

The History awl Antiquities of the Parish of Wimbledon, Surrey.

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By W. A. Bartlett, M.A., of Wadham College, Oxford, Senior Curate of Wimbledon. (Simpkiu, Marshall, and Co.)—A clergyman can, we think, scarcely occupy his leisure better than...

aumbs from a Sportsman's Table. By Charles Clarke. Two vols.

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(Chapman and Hall.)—Mr. Clarke has attained a certain popularity, which is far from undeserved, as a writer of short tales and sketches for the Sporting Magazine and similar...

A Compendium of English and Scotch Law. By James Paterson,

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Esq., M.A., Barrister-at-Law. Second edition. (Adam and Charles Black.)— The task with which Mr. Paterson has grappled in this work is one of extraordinary difficulty, and...

The Treatment of-Rheumatism, Epilepsy, Asthma, and Fever, being Clinical Lectures

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delivered at the London Homoeopathic Hospital by Dr. Rutherford Russell. (Leith and Ross.)—We shall not be expected even to have an opinion on a scientific question like the...

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Louis Spohr's Autobiography. Translated from the German. (Long- - man). In

The Spectator

the words of the translator, this is "a true account and lively picture of Spohr's earthly career from his cradle (which was. required in 1784) to that grave " which, alas I...

Supramundane Facts in the Life of the Rev. Jesse Babcock

The Spectator

Ferguson, A..11., LL.D., including Twenty Years' Observation of Preternatural Phenomena. Edited by J. L. Nichols, M.D. (F. Pitman.)—Dr. Fergu- son is the transcendental...

The Cromwellian Settlement of Ireland. By John P. Prendergast, Esq.

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(Longmans.)—This is an account of the proceedings under that famous Act of Parliament of the Commonwealth in 1653, by which "all the ancient estates and farms of the people of...

The Phenomena of Radiation as Exemplifying the Wisdom and Bene-

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ficence of God. By G. Warington, F.C.S. (Skeffington.)—Every seven years since 1838 the Royal Institution has had the duty assigned to it of awarding a prize of one hundred...

David Four Sermons preached before the University of Cambridge. By

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Charles Kingsley, M.A. (Macmillan.)—Thoroughly Kingsleian, and not very satisfactory. Mr. Kingsley maintains that David's curses on his enemies were both acts of vindictive...

Poems. By Novas Homo. (Oxford : Wheeler and Day.) —There

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is a certain touch of promise in some of these verses, at least if they are, as -doubtless they are, by a very young man, but there are none in the little volume which express...

Arystffications. By Clementine Stirling Grahame. Edited by John Brown, M.D.

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(Edinburgh: Edmonston and Douglas.)—A very curious record of Miss Grahame's wonderful power in assuming characters widely separated from her own both by difference of age and...