7 JANUARY 1984

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The African shambles

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A century ago it was Great Britain that came best out of the Scramble for Africa. Already installed at the Cape, she took a large part of Eastern and Central Africa and although...

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Political commentary

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Points of honours Charles Moore N o doubt it would be priggish to ask what the New Year and Queen's Birth- day Honours are supposed to be for. Almost no British institution is...

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UK Eire Surface mail Air mail 6 months: £17.25 1R£17.25 £20.50 £26.50 One year: £34.50 1RE34.50 £41.00 £53.00 Cheques to be made payable to the Spectator and sent to...


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T went to Rome for the New Year in the 1 hope of being cheered up, but both the Pope and the President of Italy did their best to dampen the spirits. 'The threat of nuclear...

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Another voice

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Year of hope Auberon Waugh W e want men and women of all ages and in all walks of life to set their hopes high and to carry them through into reality... We want people to...

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In the name of security

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Christopher Hitchens Washington A the inauguration of President Andrew Jackson in 1828, there was such vulgar jubilation that contemporary observers (especially the partisans...

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No end of a lesson?

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David Carlton I am unusual among Britishers in being a long-standing admirer of the late John Foster Dulles. Consistent with that posi- tion, therefore, I find myself pleased...

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A universal Catalan

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Harry Eyres Barcelona C ince Joan Miro died in Palma, Majorca on Christmas Day, columns and col- umns of print have been filled here with tributes to the Catalan artist who...

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Black and white and mad

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A. M. Daniels O nce, in the course of my less than distinguished medical career, I found myself in Cape Town with only five pounds in my pocket. I had spent a month in the...

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`Racism' and anti-Semitism

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Richard West F ewpeople know or care that 1984 is ` International Anti-Racism Year'. In honour of this event, Ken Livingstone's Greater London Council has banned from its...

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The stubborn Severn

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Alan Gibson T he Roman came to Rye and out to Severn strode, but he did not get much beyond it. The Severn is a stubborn river. It seems to have decided long ago that it was...

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The media

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Orwellian overkill Paul Johnson uestion: what are the two most tedium- inducing syllables in the English lauguage today? Answer: 'Or-well'. As 1984 approached, and finally...

One hundred years ago

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Mr Gladstone's birthday must be a day of tribulation. The practice of ,pelting him with telegrams and letters of congratulation seems to us a very in- humane one, and not really...

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In the City

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Ideas for Mr Redwood Jock Bruce-Gardyne O n Tuesday, to the immense relief of all Spectator readers, Mr John Redwood took up the baton from Mr Ferdinand Mount. The relief of...

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Sir: Nina Tuckman dismisses (Letters, 10 December) 'the embittered Slavonic

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emigres' she has met because 'it is history that millions of them fought for and work- ed for the Nazis during the war'. It is true that millions of Slovaks, Croats and, in...

Kith and kin

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Sir: Pace Mr Wade Smith (Letters, 17 December), the Queen is Sovereign of other realms than the United Kingdom. When lecturing coast to coast under the auspices of the...

Dear GBS

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Sir: I am currently compiling for the Bodley Head a book of letters to Bernard Shaw from members of the general public. A wide variety of letters will be included: re- quests...

The Soviet Empire

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Sir: Nina Tuckman (Letters, 10 December) compares a separation of the Soviet Union into its constituent nationalities and republics with the division of the United States of...

Sir: There is a very simple solution to the problem

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of the Elgin Marbles, if the British Government is prepared for a modest ex- penditure and a very small risk. For centuries, literature has differed from other arts in that...


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Buying marbles Sir: H. E. the Greek Ambassador and the British Committee for the Restitution of the Parthenon Marbles (Letters, 17 December) wish to dismiss my arguments in...

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Towards a new union Colin Welch L ast week I described briefly the very liberal Europe, limited alike in area and function, which was envisaged and launch- ed by Adenauer, de...

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The Higher Cannibalism P. J. Kavanagh O Beloved Kids Rudyard Kipling (Weidenfeld £10.95) RudyaRudya rd Kipling detested curiosity about rd private lives of authors; he called...

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Kurd and gent

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Anthony Blond Saladin in his Time P.H. Newby (Faber and Faber £10.95) A l-Malik al-Nasir Salah al-Din Abu 1-Muzaffer Yusuf ibn Ayyub ibn Shadi (Saladin) was a jumped-up Kurd...


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Bel Mooney The Europa Biographical Dictionary of British Women Edited by Anne Crawford, Tony Hayter and others (Europa Publications £27.50) W henever a women breaks new ground...

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Lewis Jones A Minor Apocalypse Tadeusz Konwicki (Faber & Faber £8.95) Ana P. I.I. Magdalen (World's Work £7.95) The Dream of a Beast Neil Jordan (Chatto/Hogarth £6.95) Mortal...

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Born to blush unseen

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Caroline Moorehead The Exile: A Life of Ivy Litvinov John Carswell (Faber & Faber £10.95) T he condition of exile is seldom a con- tented one; the memoirs of those forced to...

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Zest of age

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Francis King More Collected Stories V. S. Pritchett (Chatto & Windus £12.50) C oming on V. S. Pritchett's More Collected Stories after his Collected Stories is like coming on...


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Companion of Honour John McEwen - 1 - am of mind to go blackberrying which it is a pity to do alone One should always have companions for fruit-picking:- So choose them...

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Lost and found Giles Gordon Peter Pan (RSC: Barbican) Oliver! (Aldwych) Special Occasions (Ambassadors) w hen Wendy (Katy Behean, gawky) is telling a bedtime story to the...

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Po-faced Richard Ingrams I t is customary at this time of the year for critics to look back over the year's pro- grammes and single out those which they think deserve special...


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Red terror Peter Ackroyd Gorky Park (`15', selected cinemas) 6 T always wanted to meet an American,' 1 says Mr William Hurt, an American actor playing a Russian policeman in...

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Low life

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Rover's return Jeffrey Bernard T took myself away from the well beaten ltrack last week and dilly-dallied in Chelsea for a couple of days. It's well known that the Kings Road...

High life

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Winners Taki or once I was rather sad to see the year go the way of Lebanon. 1983 wasn't such a bad year when I look back. It had a roller coaster kind of effect on me, with...

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December P.J. Kavanagh Luxor N ot the usual notes from Glos. but this time a word from the banks of the Nile. I am always impressed by exotic datelines in this magazine and,...

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No. 1302: All together, boys! Set by Jaspistos: A son g , please (maximum 16 lines), for dele g ates of EEC members to sin g at their g atherings in order to promote unity and...

No. 1299: The winners

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Jaspistos reports: Competitors were asked for a surprisin g account, by a very minor historical character involved for a short space of time with a celebrated person in a...


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Chequered flag Raymond Keene F irst past the post in the 5th Chequers Competition was Mrs S. Haslam of 24a Trede g ar Road, London E3, whose speedy answers earned her a total...

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Crossword 639

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A prize of ten pounds will be awarded for the first correct solution opened on 23 January. Entries to: Crossword 639, The Spectator, 56 Doughty Street, London WC1N 2LL. 1 2 3 4...

Solution to 637: Right!

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orivri AE N T E R A 0 I 'El L 2 01 O ' D S . LIC,NXR[11 .. A li T 4 1 . R E , A T E 01%1 I T. 0 C IABILEP I RIALOUS0 II CI RI LIE E E T H PI El il{ EFIUktIGA R 0 S TAO N E 1ER...

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Portrait of the week

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Three former directors of the Central 1 Intelligence Agency recommended the withdrawal of US forces from Lebanon. A report from the Pentagon, on the death of 241 US Marines in...

Books Wanted

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STAUFFENBERG by Joachim Kramarz and 'Chariot of Fire' by E.E.Y. Hales. Box No: 362SB, The Spectator, 56 Doughty St, London WC1N 2LL. SANDEL by Angus Stewart (Panther 1970). BW,...