7 OCTOBER 1854

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A VICTORY over the Russian forces in the Crimea, and a falsely re- ported, triumph at Sebastopol, have rendered the week one of ex- citement, exaggerated belief, and partial...

By degrees the country is coming to unanimity on the

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subject of the war. By degrees, we say, with reference to a minority; for the majority has long been unanimous—for six or seven months. The Cabinet, which represents almost all...

In Germany there has been a marked progress in the

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change which has come over the relations of the great Powers. Even the new Prussian note, the rejoinder to that of Austria, which we noticed last week, is comparatively out of...

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The news of the battle of the Alma arrived on Saturday night, and soon became known. The Duke of Newcastle forwarded proofs of the Gazette containing the despatches to the Lord...

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The news of the battle of the Alma reached the Queen at Balmoral, by express, on Sunday; and on Tuesday the report of the fall of Sebastopol. The Queen and Prince Albert rode...


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In the great towns, the news of the splendid opening of the campaign in the Crimea caused the greatest delight and excitement. Bells were ru ng, flags were hoisted, groups...

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The Trillick Railway outrage continues to occupy men's minds. There was a meeting of the prominent persons in the county of Tyrone yesterday week, mainly brought about by the...

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Tux CRIMEA.—A few hours after the publication of our last number, the news of the battle of the Alma appeared in an Extraordinary Gazette, forwarded by Lord Stratford ; and it...

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A correspondence between Colonel Garrett of the Forty-sixth Regiment and the Duke of Cleveland has been published. Colonel Garrett opens the correspondence by recalling the...

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SATURDAY Mco - nva. The intelligence which we are all anxiously awaiting is now on its way through France, and is hourly expected. Lord Burghersh, an Aide-de-camp of Lord...

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An Extraordinary Gazette is just issued, containing an announcement of the death of Marshal St. Arnaud. The telegraphic despatch was for- warded to the Foreign Office by the...

Throughout the week there has been a colitinued, and We

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may say an increasing anxiety, occasioned by successive failures at Liverpool. The first note of alarm came from the manufacturing districts : there had been casualties there...

On learning, in July last, the actual commencement of hostilities,

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the people of South Australia, animated by true national sentiments, held a meeting and adopted an address to the Queen ; resolved on a day of so- lemn humiliation, fasting, and...

"The Russians mustered 40,000 infantry, assembled from all points of

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the 'Crimea, and on the morning of the 20th they were joined by 6000 cavalry from Theodosia: 180 field pieces were in position on the heights. A move- ment made by General...

Newcastle and Gateshead were yesterday visited by a calamity equal

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to some of the fearful horrors of war, and involving a logs of life and pro- perty not even yet estimated, The correspondent of the nines writing at noon on Friday, gives the...

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Qt Quarts.

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performances, is modelled to a certain extent on the long "drawee" of modern France. The judicious plan is adopted of never changing the scene save with a change of act ; and...


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The Italian Opera at Paris opened on Tuesday, with Seniiramide. The cast was as follows— Serniramide, Mademoiselle Bosio ; Arsacc, Madame Borghi Alamo; Assur, M. Gassier ;...

Drury Lane opened on Monday, for eight nights. The proscenium

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is adorned with the flags of the three Allied nations ; and the boards arc enlivened with the performance of Mr. G. V. Brooke, who retains his popularity.


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STOOK EXCHANGE. FRIDAY ARM/MOON. Thedefegtof tine Russians on the heights-of the Alma, and the alleged capture of Sebastopol, caused intense excitement during the early part of...

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THE WAR OF PRINCIPLES. Tits diplomatic war which accompanies war in the East, and may precede a different kind of conflict, now centres upon Prussia. A new and closer alliance...


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ME money difficulties at present experienced in the City have not been altogether unexpected. We find the last number of the Banker's Magazine explaining the reasons for the "...

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THE most hopeless part of the military morals question lies in what looks like an organic defect in a certain type of an "officer and a gentleman." There is-something...

APSLEY HOUSE Is itself again. During the great struggle for

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the Reform Bill, a mob broke some of the windows of the Duke of Wellington's man- sion; the Great Captain took it sadly to heart, and never had them repaired. The demolished...


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THE doctrine of savings has produced comparatively less effect be- cause it has been practically disregarded ; but some effect it has produced, partly good, so far as it...

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IF the graveyard has not been convicted of producing cholera, it has conspired with other sources of corruption to produce endemic disease of the most malignant kind and we are...


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THE question raised by the brother of the great Humboldt, and well handled in the Westminster Review, deserves more than the passing mention that we were able to give it in...

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Omar not a more absolute check to be put upon the mention of particular regiments which suffer during engagements with the enemy? A broad statement of the loss was quite enough...

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Varna, September 1854. Sin—I am induced to reply to a letter which I have just seen in your paper of the 19th August, and which is dated "Bulgaria, 13th July 1854." Not that,...


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1 Adam Street, Adelphi Mk September 1854. Six—When a question of who shall make the rail can revolutionize a country, it is demonstrative primarily of two things—a great desire...

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COWARDLY ATTACKS UPON THE ARMY. 3d October 1854. SIR — The excellent remarks in your paper of the 30th of last month might be carried further ; and if the public expect that...

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HARDING'S LESSONS ON ART.* As an artist, Mr. Harding is distinguished by excessive ease and quick- ness, brilliancy of touch, and dexterity of composition, which leave an...

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The Forest of Dean, the New Forest, Delamere Forest, Parkhurst Forest, Woolmer Forest, and some others, are national property reserved for the growth of timber, so that supplies...

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MONTAGU HOUSE. Mr. Disraeli's memory greatly failed him when he censured the pre- sent Government for renewing , the lease-of Montagu House, Privy Gar- dens, to the Deka of...

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The Trade accounts for the month ending the 5th September, and for the eight months ending the same day, show a decrease of 449,1301. in the declared value of the exports for...


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Accerding to Colonel Jebb's report for 1853 to the Secretary at War, the number.ei.prisouers had fallen from 4009 in 1848 to 3331 in 1853, or 447 of the entire force. Of these,...

[For Booths, see the accompanying Supplement.]

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MILITARY GAZETTE. OFFICE OF ORDNANCE, Sept. 29.—Royal liegt. of Artillery

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First Lieut. 0. It. Stokes to be Second Capt. vice Mytton, dec.; Second Lieut. R. L. Tottenham to be First Lieut. vice Stokes. Memorandum.—The date of promotion of the...


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On the 30th September, at Croydon, the. Hon. Mrs. Aylmer, of a stillborn son. On the let October, in Percy Villass,Camden Hill, the Wife of William Barwick Hodge, Esq., of a...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Cleans Prises) Saturd. Monday. Tuesday. TITednes. Thurs. S per Cent Consols Ditto for Account S per Cents Reduced New 3 per Cents Long Annuities Bank Stock, 9...


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Tuesday, October 3. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED.-Wadsworth and Matthews, Sheffield, carpenters- Robinson and Co. Manchester, silk-manufacturers-James and Wardrop, Liverpool,...

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London' Printed by Josarn CLAXTON, of 320, Strand, in the

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County of Middlesex, Printer, at the office of Jogai.. OUT row, No. 10, Crane Court, In the Parish of St. Duristan's In the West, in the City of London ; and Published by the...

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VAN SANITOORD'S CHIEF JUSTICES OF THE SUPREME COURT. * 'THESE " Sketches of the Lives and Judicial Services of the Chief Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States " is...


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OCTOBER 7, 1854.

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" SPEAK as you find "; and the representative of the English pri- soners in Russia gives the most favourable account of that country which has been published of late. From the...

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ANSTED'S SCENERY, SCIENCE, AND ART. • This volume contains the cream

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of popular and scientific observa- tions made by Professor Ansted when travelling professionally in various countries, chiefly in reference to mining speculations. France,...

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Toro' Oknimi, whose works furnish the matter of the present volume of Messrs. Parker and Son's " Annotated Edition of the English Poets," is well selected in a...

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Boons. _Egypt's Place in Universal History; an Historical Investigation, in five books. By Christian C. J. Bunsen, D.Ph., and D.C.L. Trans- lated from the German, by Charles H....