11 AUGUST 1855

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The Administrative Reformers have presented their first Re- port, and

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have endeavoured thereby to clear themselves of the reproach of wanting some definite practical end for the agitation they have set on foot. They recommend that vacancies in the...


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LORD Ionic RUSSELL is making it his business to provide his countrymen with a succession of surprises. We have had this year—his withdrawal from the Coalition, the discovery of...

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The Russian Government has declined to release Lieutenant Geneste and

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his fellow prisoners, with what justice may be seen by the correspondence which has now been published. The ori- ginal account of the affair at Hango was founded mainly on the...

Btiutitoanb rortaingi in Varlinintut.

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OF THE WEEK. Horse OP LORDS. Monday, August 6. Sale of Beer Bill read a second time- Metropolis Local Management Bill read a third time and...

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Cht taut

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Tim QUEEN has shown her accustomed activity during the last eight days ; and her interest in her sailors and soldiers. On Saturday, accom- panied by Prince Albert, she visited...

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It was arranged last week that a meeting in favour of the restoration of Poland should be held on the 1st August ; but on the appointed day the public were informed that, in...

Cbt VruniutrE.

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The Queen inspected the regiments of the Foreign Legion now at Shorncliffe on Thursday. Accompanied by Prince Albert, and travelling by the South-Eastern Railway, she arrived at...

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The annual cattle-show of the Royal Agricultural Improvement Society look place at Dublin on Wednesday. It was an average exhibition. En the evening, the Duke of Leinster...

,fortign Ruh Colonial.

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Fuswcw. — Paris is now full of English, and great preparations are in progress for the reception of the Queen. It is believed that the National. Guard will be under arms, and...


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Mr. Laing is Member for Wick. The chairman of his election com- mittee, Mr. David Davidson, has addressed a brief but emphatic letter to Lord Palmerston, to state that the...

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The appointments rendered necessary by the promotion of Sir William Molesworth and Sir Benjamin Hall, and the resignation of Mr. Baines, have now been made. hlr. Bouverie...

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SATURDAY. The principal business of the House of Commons last night was the passing of the Despatch of Business, Court of Chancery, Bill ; but an Irish Member provided other...

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Mr. Ramsay, an English gentleman, and a party of guides,

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successfully ascended Mont Blanc from Cormayen, on the Italian side. Attempts have been repeatedly made daring the last fifty years to accomplish this feat. Mr. Ramsay is the...

All doubt of the destination of the fleet is now

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removed. A telegraphic despatch from Dantzie, dated yesterday, reports that "oh the 6th, the English and a portion of the French fleet weighed from Nargen, and an- chored the...

On the 26th July the Pope pronounced two allocutions to

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the Consist- tory ; one on the affairs of Sardinia, the other relating to Spain and Switzerland. In the first, he condemns anew and again declares null and of no effect the laws...

We are informed from a reliable source that a letter

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has 'been just received in town, from a Russian:nobleman residing on his estate, com- plaining bitterly of the state of things. He says that he can get no income from his...

The banner, sword, crown, and other achievements of the Emperor

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of the French were on Thursday placed by Sir Charles Young, Garter King of Arms, over the stall of his Imperial Majesty, which immediately faces that of the King of Prussia, in...


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STOCH EICHANOZ, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The fluctuations in the English Funds this week have been principally caused by the transactions connected with the settlement of the Account,...

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rrIttr to 14t WHAT IS FOOD P 1 Adam Street - ,

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Aderphi, 611, August 1865. 5m—There are many sides to most subjects, and amongst 'others to the subject of food, of which we have lately heard so much as to its adultera- tion....

Thisovening Covent Garden closes its doors after last performance of

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the Etoile du Nord, for the benefit of. Mr. liarris, the stage-manager. • TIP wagon virtually ended on TbursdaYs when the same opera was fel - loyed by the usual formality of...

/tt J1tflt13.

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Viilit'of Mademoiselle Rachel, marked by a brilliant series of sue- terminated with a regular ovation. To talie her leave of the EngBeh public she migrated from the St James's ....


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article with this title appears in the current number of', Blackwood's Magazine, written by a person who has long resided in Russia, and who left that country in the course of...

Tho Lyceum Theatre has been taken by Mr. J. H.

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Anderson, the Wizard .of the North, who intends to commence his aeason early in September.

Mr. Wigan ' taking with him the whole of his company,

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has colonized Sadler's Wells, and Pentonville is delighted.

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THE RECESS AND THE WAR. PARLIAXEST seems destined to break-up without any grand event for Ministers to announce formally to the Representatives of the Nation. Sebastopol not...

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ADMINISTRATITE Reform seems to be one of the blessings for mo- dern man which must be oetroyes by authority; its special vota- ries who vaunt a call to that mission failing to...


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"Farm without knowledge," says a writer in the Merchant's Magazine, is the principle which distinguishes private banks from joint-stook banks ; but the distinction between the...

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THE latest Report upon the general state of railway business, from the department of the Board of Trade, presents a satisfactory pro- gress of traffic and revenue, and an...


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Tsrrs dark inquiry is evidently destined to occupy the attention of a public pampered with " news" in the intervals of more import- taut subjects. Charles Lamb used to say that...

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ALLEN'S DEAD SEA AND GLEANINGS IN THE EAST.' A mArx object of Captain Allen's work is to advance a gigantic project of his own. The work itself contains an account of his...

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OP ItA.NOYElk a THE lives of the Queens of -E ng la n d since the accession of tr i e ' house of Brunswick h a v e interest in variou a points of view. , Te bio g raphy of...

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acquainted with the poetical productions of Ernest Jones must allow that they possess clearness and force, a genial perception of nature, a vigorous imagination, and a vivid •...

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fiut iitto. THE ART TJRION.

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The hundred and eighty-seven pictures in oils and water-colour se- lected by the Art Union prizeholders of the present year are now on view at the gallery in Suffolk Street. We...


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Boors. Woman's .Devotion ; a Novel. In three volumes. Love versus Money ; a Novel. In two volumes. On the Smokeless Fire-place, Chimney-Valves, and other Means, Old and New,...

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Wea-erteica, Aug. 6.-Staff--Geh. Sir H. D. Ross, G.C.B. to be AdjteGep. of the Royal Arrellery- Erratum in the Gazette of Aug. 3 1 , - -For 77th Foot-R. B. Clarke, Gent, to be...


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On the 2d August, at Drumloe, Lady Hayes, of a daughter. On the 3d, at Corsock House, Kirkcudbrightshire, Mrs. Murray Dunlop, of Cor- sock, Wife of A. Murray Dunlop, Esq., M.P.,...


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Tuesday, Aug. 7. . -.; _ PAItTWERF.HIPS DessotTED.-Howard and Warner, Leiceeter, hosiers-Weild and Licsey. Manchester, engineers-Leyland and Co. Boltan-le-Moors, mule-spindle-...

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B RI T I 8 FE FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) Satared --- S per Cent Consols Ditto for Account 3pm Cents Reduced El New 3 per Cents. 921 Long Annuities — Annuities 1885 — Bank Stock,...