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A =raw degree of disappointment must always attend any great ceremonial, whether it is seen in the reality or seen only through the description. Enormous preparations raise the...

It would be seen from our Postscript on Saturday, that

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the Times gave its readers a sensation by announcing that our Go- vernment had addressed a very peremptory note to the King of Naples, treating his insolence and his apologies...

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The two important vacancies in the English Church, created by

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the retirement of Dr. Blomfield and Dr. Maltby, have been filled. Dr. Tait, Dean of Carlisle, becomes Bishop of London ; Dr. Longley, Bishop of Ripon, becomes Bishop of -...

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THE Metropolis was visited on Monday by a "Chartist demonstration" " in honour of the champion of Chartism " Mr. John Frost. The parties to this " demonstration" assembled at...

The American House of Representatives has passed the Army Appropriation

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Bill without the addition prohibiting the employ- ment of the Federal soldiers in Kansas. Several cogent ciroum- stances led to this surrender. Government had begun to dis-...

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The Banbury Agricultural Society held its show and ate its annual dinner at Banbury on Tuesday. Colonel North, one of the County Mem- bers, presided ; a second, Mr. Harcourt,...

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"THUM — The intelligence from Biarritz, where the Emperor leads a busy life, is full of interest. The imperor and Empress, it appears, did visit San Sebastian on the 9th...


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The inhabitants of the baronies of Rathkeale and Newcastle went on Sunday in processions with flags and music to Cahirmoyle, and pre- sented an address of welcome and...


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The only new incident in the Highland life of the Queen was a visit to the famous Braemar gathering at Mar Castle, on the 11th September. But the ancient prestige of the...

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The new Bishops have at length been nominated by the Crown : Dr. Tait, Dean of Carlisle, is to be Bishop of London ; Dr. Longley, Bishop of Ripon, is to be translated to Durham....

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On the 14th April, at Pieter Maritzburg, Natal, the Wife of the Rev. William Orde Newnharn, of a son. On the 11th September, at the Vicarage, Painswick, Gloucestershire, the...


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SATURDAY. The principal item of intelligence this morning again relates to Naples.. The state of things described as probable by the Times last Saturday, is according to the...

According to the Berlin correspondent of the Times, "the Empe-

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ror of Russia has granted charters to three steam navigation compa- nies. One in the Black Sea will ply between all the important ports of the Black, Mediterranean, and Adriatic...


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A Letter on Secret Diplomacy, by our able Belfast Correspondent " J. J. M.," Will appear next week.

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A serious fire occurred last night in Upper Thames Street,

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and continued for six hours. The large brush-manufactory of Messrs. Matthew and Co. was nearly destroyed, and the contiguous property much damaged. Happily, no lives were lost....


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STOCK MICHANOR, FRIDAY AWERNOON. The speculators in the Vaglish Funds, and the public, have been more avourably impressed this week with the position of the money-market....

The Earl of Aberdeen is entertaining a number of distinguished

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states- men at present at his seat, Haddo House, Aberdeenshire. Among those who are now among the noble Lord's visitors, are Earl Grey and Mr. John Bright. The Earl of Clarendon...

The Daily News announces that the Earl of Lucan has

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commenced an ac- tion against that journal for libel. The libel was an article on the Chelsea Inquiry, which appeared in the paper of the 26th July. The Daily News offered to...

The Hermann arrived yesterday off Cowes, en route to Bremen,

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bring- ing advises from New York to the 6th instant. The interest of the i n telligence turns upon the state of Kansas. As was anticipated, the Missourians had recovered from...

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On Monday, the doors of Drury Lane and the Lyceum were simul- taneously thrown open to the public. The event at the former establish- ment was the debat of Mrs. Emma Waller as...


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MAINTENANCE OF THE CLERGY. THE inability of the property of the Established Church to pro- vide competent incomes for a large number of the existing clergy, is only one branch...


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At the Gymnase, there is a new four-act comedy by M. Ernest Serret, entitled L' Anneau de Fer. A young wife, who is separated, not divorced, from a very bad husband, is beloved...


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The great Northern Races have this year been more fully attended than ever. The weather has been fine; the course was in admirable condition ; and the sport is reported...

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THE late decision in the American House of Representatives proves, not that the Slavery party have gained the advantage, but that moderate councils are again preponderating, and...

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SINCE we pointed out the true key to the most effectual and most extensive improvement of the Metropolis, bringing the whole into a harmonious conjunction, great progress has...

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THE Daily News publishes, as "communicated," a paper explain- ing the reasons Why business has declined in the Courts of Bank- ruptcy. It is not, says the writer, the increasing...


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Mears EDGBWORTH would applaud the change which is gradually working in the amusements of the Londoners—they are becoming so "rational." Shakespere unreformed is sent to the...

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AMONG the various articles of food imported into this country, what the Americans call " breadstuffs may be placed at the head of the list, and next in importance comes sugar....

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PRACTICAL IMPROVEMENTS IN THE CHURCH. Sue—I am exceedingly glad that you have taken up the subject of "Clerical Destitution." We may now hope to see it discussed in a sensible,...

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16th September 1856. Bra—The observations in your last number as to the payment of curates were very judicious and seasonable. As usual, when the Times gets hold of a...


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London, 15th September 1856. Sin—Your notice of the proposed revival of transportation has induced me to send you these lines. There are so few persons in Englund acquainted...

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][ARCET AND SCOFFERN ON THE COMPOSITION AND ADULTERATION OF FOOD.. THERE is much exaggeration and false conclusion, if not false- hood in fact, respecting the adulteration of...

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NEW NOVELS. * TH:ERE is not much of story in Arthur

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Brandon ; there is incon- sistency in what there is, and it is badly put together. Some of the scenes are exaggerated, and one or two are of a questionable kind for exhibition...

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PROFESSOR WILSON'S ESSAYS. * ExcErr in form, these essays " critical

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and imaginative," con- tributed by Professor Wilson to Blackwood's Magazine, exhibit precisely the same qualities of intellect and character which culmi- nated in the " Nodes...

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lint Arts.

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THE SYDENHAM PICTURE-GALLERY. We see it stated that the enterprising experiment of a picture-gallery at the Crystal Palace has been a decided success, both in the progressive...


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Provincial exhibitions are becoming an important feature in that ad- vance of art which forms, and for some years has formed, so conspicuous a movement in this country....

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FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, SEPTEMBER 16. WAR DEPARTMENT, Pall Mall, Sept. 16.—Royal Artillery—Second Capt. and Brevet-Major E. G. Bredin, from the supernumerary list, to be...

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BRITISH FUND S. (Closing Priees.) Saturd. Monday. Tuesday. Wanes. Vows. Friday, 3 per Cent Consols Ditto for Account 3 per Cents Reduced New 3 per Cents Long Annuities...


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FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, SEPTEMBER 16. Partnerships Dissolved.—P. and A. Brook, Brighton, tailors—Fieldhouse and Hall, Newport, Shropshire, grocers—Hunter and Co. and Cooper...