24 NOVEMBER 1855

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The two Parliamentary elections reported this week are rather remarkable

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for their striking agreement in one principle—that of not putting "the right man in the right place." If Sir Charles Napier was somewhat past the day when he would be useful on...


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"ALL right in Downing Street!" that is, according to the omni- bus-conductor's rule: the seats are filled. It is true that to ac- complish this filling-up of the Cabinet, a once...

At the Polish meeting in commemoration of Lord Dudley Stuart,

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-on Saturday, a feet was announced which tends to confirm infer- ences drawn from a previous announcement. Polish regiments are to be formed as part of the British Contingent in...

The Manchester manufacturers have taken a course oaloulated more than

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any other to disarm the men who resist the reduction of wages by a strike. They have issued a reply to the "very tem- perate" address of the men, in terms as conspicuously...

On the anniversary of that Gunpowder Plot which we are

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almost inclined to forget, the Austrian empire was the subject of a Pa- pist plot infinitely more sweeping and more successful ; only the Sovereign of Austria, instead of being...

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'0 Court AT a Privy Council held in Windsor Castle

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on Wednesday, Mr. Labou- chere was sworn in as Secretary of State for the Colonies, and kissed hands. Sir Hamilton Seymour was sworn of the Privy Council, and took his seat. At...

While the dark cloud of adversity has threatened to euroTte

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division in Manchester, the light of festivity shines upon union'in Birmingham. Prince Albert went down on purpose to lay - the first stone of the new and enlarged 'Institute ;...


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At a special meeting of the Court of Common Council, on Thursday, the new Lord Mayor took his seat for the first time as chairman of their proceedings. Mr. Kennedy, with a long...

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The ceremony of laying the foundation,stone of a new building at Birmingham, for the use of the members of the "Birmingham and Mid- land Counties Institute," was performed on...

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Last week, Lord Naas addressed his constituents at Coleraine. One part of his speech touched on local topics, but a large portion was devoted to the question of the war and its...

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Aurtigu nut allluitil.

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FRANCE. —The Court of the Emperor on Sunday was attended by M. de Due, Minister in Norway ; Count Lcevenheilm, Minister of Sweden and Norway in Paris; Baron Brockhausen,...


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A soiree in honour of the Allies in the Crimea, got up for the "middle and working classes" of Glasgow, who could not attend the "high-priced demonstration" over which the Duke...

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and especially, strange to say, with any of those families

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which have most distinguished themselves by an advocacy of popular rights." The Daily o'cotsman goes on to tell, that "thirty years since Mr. La- bouchere entered Parliament,"...

Rumours of a proximate dissolution of Parliament have sprung up

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within the last few days. On Tuesday, the Morning Herald expressed alarm at the alleged menace of a dissolution, and described it as an at- tempt to "knock out the brains of the...


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SATIMAY. The appeal which has been made by a Provisional Committee to secure attendance at the public meeting in Willis's Rooms, on Thursday next, for the purpose of initiating...

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The following telegraphic despatch testifies to the activity of the

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troops at Eupatoria. "Paris, Saturday Morning. — Despatches have been received giving an account of a coup-de-main effected by a detachment of General d'Allonville's force on...

The King of Sardinia landed at Marseilles on Thursday morning.

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He was received by Colonel Edgar Ney and Lieutenant-Colonel de Vela- bregue, on the part of the Emperor ; and by the Bishop of Marseilles, and the civil and military authorities...

Lady Emmeline Stueart Wortley died at Beyrout on the 29th

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of Octo- ber. On the 1st of May, while riding in the neighbourhood of Jerusalem, her Ladyship had the misfortune to have her leg fractured by the kick of a horse....

The telegraph brings rumours of peace from Berlin.

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"Berlin, Thursday .Evening. - 31. de Manteuffel has had two or three long interviews with the Baron de Budberg, the Russian Ambassador. These in- terviews are said to be for the...

A summons to answer the charge of taking part in

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the recent outrage at Kingstown has been duly served upon one of the Redemptorist Fathers who was present on the occasion. The case will be heard at Kingstown Police- office on...


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Broca EXCHAROZ, FRIDAY AITIOLWOOS• Preparations for the payment of 10 per cent on the April Loan of 16,000,0001., and 15 per cent on the Turkish Scrip, due respectively on Tues-...

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rrttri' t tht (Mtn.

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WHY NOT PEACE? Clevedon Court, 19th Notymber 1855. Stn—I will take leave to ask the advocates of war one or two questions, 'which I doubt not that some among them will honestly...


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'The important event of the week has been the production of La To- eonde t a five-act comedy, by M. Foucher and the celebrated comedian Regale; on Wednesday last, in the...


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Arle-Dury, 16th Drovember 1855. Sin — The recent acquisition by Prussia of a naval and commercial port on the North Sea seems to have escaped the notice of our journalists in a...


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Sin—I observe that some wonderment has been made about a pamphlet published in 1791 on.the aggressive and aggrandizing policy of Russia. The author of the pamphlet was certainly...

ibt Chains.

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Last of all the revivals, comes The Provoked Husband of Vanbrugh and 'Gibber; which was produced at the Haymarket on Tuesday. It is certainly the least fortunate of the series ;...


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Our space is exhausted. Among the reserved letters may be specified, another from the reflective Belfast correspondent who advocates a new Department of State for Local...

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THE CABINET STOPGAPS. DIE two vacancies in the Ministry are filled, without the slightest change in the Cabinet; for the appearance of the Duke of Argyll in a second avatar is...

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IT was supposed that with the improvement of Ireland, the bitter- ness of poverty would be neutralized, and that the crimes of Ri- bandism would cease. The history of the last...

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EVERT human event may be viewed in many aspects. To the Royal or Parliamentary printer, the riot in Hyde Park is now rendered cognizable by presenting itself in the form of a...


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ACUTENESS is sometimes carried to the point of simplicity. The case of the Jew who foiled a brother Jew is an example of the manner in which exquisite cunning acquires the...


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A. FRENCH powder-magazine near Inkerman has been ex ploded, with such effect as to destroy 30,000 kilogrammes. of powder and 600,000 cartridges ; while shells filled with...

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THE CAMBRIDGE ESSAYS. * THESE Cambridge Essays, like their Oxford companion, are simply a series of papers by members of the University, with no other bond of union as regards...

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liturr of the causes which contributed to the interest excited by the Nodes Ambrosiance, on their first appearance in successive numbers of Blackwood's Magazine, have ceased to...

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COLONEL HANLEY'S CAMPAIGN OF SEBASTOPOL. * Tins narrative by an eye-witness

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and an actor of the Turkish and Crimean campaigns of 1854.'55 was originally published in Black- wood's Magazine. Unlike the generality of accounts of passing events written at...

NEW NOVELS. * THE continuation or "concluding series" of "Passages in

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the Life of Mrs. Margaret Maitland," has in Lilliesleaf little more re- semblance to the "Passages" than that of manner. The story of the present fiction, if not so real, is...

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Tim most season-looking publications of the week are three handsome Gift- books from Mr. Bogus; reminding one of coming Christmas, and of past times, when the appearance of "The...

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J. B.'S enows.* Somewhere about this time last year, Z.

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B. made herself remarkable by a serious effort in art, her "Illustrations of Scripture by an Animal- painter " : in the little children's-book now before us, the designs which...

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LONGFELLOW'S POEMS.• The legion admirers of Longfellow will hail this splendid edition, with its blue and gold binding, cream-tinted paper, choice type, and fair-margined...

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The volume before us is a modified counterpart of "the Life of Martin Luther," publiShed by Mr. Cooke, which we noticed in December 1853. Two plates, however, seem_ to have...


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WAR-OEFICE, Nov. 23.-Cavalry.-2d Regiment of Dragoons-T. Gonna, Gent, to be Cornet, by purchase, Tice Dunbar, promoted. 3d Light Drags.-Lieut. J. P. Worth, from the 6th Drags....


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On the 17th November, at Tackley Rectory, near Woodstock, the Wife of the Rev. L.A. Sharpe, of a daughter. On the 18th, at the Deanery, Westminster, the Wife of Edward C....


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Teissday,. Yov. 20. Partnerships Dissolved.-W. N. and S. II. Cook, Princes Street, Leicester Square, brush-makers-E. and C. Van Gone, Bury Street, St. Mary Axe, watch-manufac-...

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BRITISH FUND &third. S. (Closing Monday. Prices.) Tuesday. Wednes. Thurs. Friday. 3 per Cent Consols ea 871 881 £89 881 1381 Ditto for Account 88 87/ 88: 884 3 per...