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In Ireland the fine harvest has not secured a tranquil

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winter. On the contrary, as the people revive from the depression of ac- tual famine, their perversity seems to revive. It now takes a dif- ferent shape—agitation against the...


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THE Queen has returned from her visit to Scotland. It might be a hazardous experiment to try, but such is the loyal attach- ment awakened by her presence among the Highlanders,...

The Duc d'Aumale has been gazetted as Governor-General of Algeria.

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In point of time, when every fresh grasp at power or profit for the Royal Family of France is viewed with so much jealousy, the appointment is inopportune ; but it has to be...

Politicians who are moved by every change in the wind

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or the clouds may be downcast at the immediate aspect of affairs in Italy; though there is no sufficient ground for any broad or cer- tain inference of an adverse kind. The...

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gbe Jfiftetropolts.

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The determination announced last week by the Revising Barrister for the City of London, Mr. M'Cbristie, that he would give costs in all cases where groundless objections were...

Vibe gourt.

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TEE Queen is again domiciled at Osborne House. Accompanied by the Prince Consort, the Prince of Wales, and the Princess Royal, her Majesty arrived at Buckingham Palace on...

The Spanish Government is deplorably in want of a master

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spirit to animate its laudable intent. Its weakness is painfully visible. It sits in dread of hostile conspiracies which it knows, but it dares not grapple with the reputed...

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Cbt iirobinces.

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A meeting of coal-owners, merchants, and manufacturers of Newcastle upon-Tyne, was held on Saturday, at the Turk's Head Inn, to consider the alarming condition into which, as...

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The ministers and elders of the Remonstrant Synod of Ulster have pre- sented an address of congratulation to the Earl of Clarendon, as Lord- Lieutenant; which, inter din,...

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The meeting announced some days since for the purpose of considering the question of the fictitious votes in Peeblesshire, was held at Peebles on the 17th; Mr. Grieve of Noble...

fforeign anti eolonfal.

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FRANCE.—The Moniteur of Wednesday officially announced the resig. nation of Milr hat Soult as President of the Council, and the appointment of M. Guizor to the post. M. Guizot...

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The writs for the newly-elected Members being returnable on Tuesday the 21st instant, Parliament met pro forma. The Lord Chan- cellor having taken his seat on the woolsack...

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The records of oracles, &c. will, we believe, tend to prove that prophecy flourished most when history was weakest. Having no theatrical fact to recount, we may consistently...


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AERIVILD—At Gravesend, 19th Sept. Duke of Wellington, Duncan; and Zambia, Brown, from Calcutta ; and Juliann, Bell, from Mauritius ; 20th, Mary Sophia, YOUD;k• husband ; and...

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The salmon-fishing season closed in the Tay, and the rivers

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North of the Tweed,. on Tuesday the 14th instant. The season, on the whole, has been the worst experienced for many years by the tacksmen; some of whom, we are sorry to...

The rumour of misfortune to another eminent house in town,

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has occa- sioned some apprehension; which it is hoped may be dispelled by remit- tances expected from India.


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STOCK Exclusion, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The market has been in a better state during the last few days than for some time. Happily we have no failures of importance to record; for...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. The Duke of Lucca has fled from his Dutchy. The hesitation which the Duke manifested at the commencement of the month soon returned; and, under pretext of ill...

By the overland mail intelligence has this afternoon been received

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from Calcutta to the 7th of August, from Bombay to the 2d of August, and from Hong-kong to the 22d of July. The intelligence from India may be summed up in four words—there is...

A very decided "sensation" has been produced in the City

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this morning, by the announcement that Messrs. Rogers, the bankers, have succeeded in recovering nearly the whole of the vast amount of notes stolen form them some years since,...

The Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland gave audience on Tuesday to a

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deputa- tion from the late Grand Jury of the county of Kerry, charged to present several resolutions asking relief. Inter alia, the resolutions solicited an advance from the...

Accounts from St. Petersburg, to the 14th instant, boast a

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decisive vic- tory gained by Count Woronzow over the Caucasians at Aul Seitz: the Caucasians are represented in the Russian accounts as having been put te ,

Advices from Madrid, to the 18th instant, give bad accounts

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of the Minis- terial progress. The vacillation had gone to such an extent that measures had been taken to prevent Eepartero's return to Spain. The Heraldo as- serts that "...

The Marquis of Londonderry has written a letter to the

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chairman of the com- mittee of coal-owners, declaring his intention not:to join in any trade combination to raise the prices. The Marquis expresses himself satisfied with a...

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[The subjoined extracts are taken from the Report of the Select Com- mittee of the Lords, obtained by Lord Monteagle " to consider the means by which Colonization may be made...


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• ' QUESTION AND ANSWER. [The following letter, from a respectable source, asks a question of con- siderable importance and present interest. Wishing to obtain for it the most...


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Bank-notes in circulation, December 1839 414,732,000 Possible amount of notes in banking-till 3,000,000 Total notes out of Issue Department, in December 1839 £17,732,000 Now,...

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THE .BANK OF ENGIAND. Nerroar of sthopkeepers'as - we are, it is rare for any question con- nected with financial management to become what may really be called a popular...


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Tux servility which pursues individuals of the "distinguished," "exalted," or royal classes, to record their minutest and most tri- vial actions with painstaking elaboration, is...

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Mr. George Pemberton of Canada, on the part of emigrants to pass from British North America to the United States; and this proceeds from the greater amount of public works...


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THE Anti-Rent movement in Ireland is neither a new occasion for alarm, nor new in its cause, or even in its substance. It is only a new shape in which the evil of Ireland...

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THE years 1843 and 1844, as has been mentioned in

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the last letter, were the presidential years of the Canton of Lucerne. This exercise of the Federal executive authority, not by any special magistrate or council, but by the...


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ESSAYS on the false cheapness of the day are written in the cha- racters of death. We may overlook its hollowness when its con- sequences only come upon us in the shape of waste...

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TRAVELS, Journal of an Overland Expedition In Australia, from Moreton Bay to Port Essington, a distance of upwards 0(3,000 miles ; during the years 15444845. By Dr. Ludwig...

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TnERE is not much of literary expectation now-a-days in a steam voyage to Antwerp and a trip thence to Brussels, even although the Journey was made in dead winter ; neither has...

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hi the history of a nation, where actions and the actors are the first things that attract. attention, and admit of if they do not require narra- tive or dramatic exhibition,...

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BOOKS. .Ranibtes in Sweden and Gottlaud; with. Etchings by the Way side. By Sylvanus, Author of " Pedestrian and other Reminiscaneea at Home and Abroad, with Sketches of...

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On the 11th August, at Barbados, the Wife of Captain Cavendish Boyle, A.D.C., of a daughter. On the 9th September, at the Villa Galli, Florence, the Lady of the Hon. P....


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Tuesday, Sept. 21. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. 3. and G. Tattershall, Ivybridge, Devonshire, tanners—Coartenay and Co. Fieldgate Street, chemists—Alexander and James Broom, Friday...

MILITARY GAZETTE. ADMIRALTY, Sept. 20.—Corps of Royal Marines—Gent. Cadet E.

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M'Arthur to be See Lieut. ; Gent. Cadet H. Hewett to be Sec. Lieut. WAR-OFFICE, Sept. 24.—lst Drag. Guards—G. 11. Errington, Gent. to be Cornet, by purchase, vice Yorke, who...

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BRITISH FUNDS. per Cent Consols Ditto for Account . 3 per Cents Reduced 31 per Cents Long Annuities Bank Stock, 7 per Cent India Stock, 101 Exchequer Bills, 3d. per diem...