26 FEBRUARY 1983

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Simple sums

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M rs Thatcher continues to say that she needs ten years, and this need is usually associated with her frequently in- dicated preference to serve out a full five- year term. 5 +...

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Political commentary

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Not a small folly Colin Welch W eirder and weirder have become some of Enoch Powell's contributions to the national debate. Those who follow him blindly on all his...

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E ver since the Labour Party started mak- ing a fuss about the high proportion of Oxbridge entrants coming from public schools rumours have been rife about some sycophantic...


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UK Eire Surface mail Air mail 6 months: £15.50 ER/17.75 £18.50 £24.50 One year: £31.00 1R/35.50 £37.00 £49.00 US subscription price: $65.00 (Cheques to be made payable to the...

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Another voice

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House of Horror Auberon Waugh rrthe time has come for me to admit an error. Before suggesting that Mr William Benyon MP had muddled his Com- mandments when he invoked the...

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Playing with nuclear fire

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Murray Sayle Tokyo O ne innocent evening in December 1966, a shadowy couple — the colonel of the first engineer battalion, First Division, United States Army, and my good self...

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At the bottom of the harbour

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James Hughes-Onslow Sydney L ast week the Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Fraser, promised a referendum on curbing trade union power if he wins next week's general...

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Next week in

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The Spectator Special Scottish Issue Scottish Issue. Next week's issue includes articles by Allan Massie on Scottish politics, Gavin Stamp on the architecture of Glasgow, Jo...

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Andropov's first 100 days

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Bohdan Nahaylo The pseudo-science of Andropology is turning up some rather sobering fin- dings. The initial empirical data are disap- pointing those theoreticians who against...

One hundred years ago

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Mr D. Forrest, who says he has much experience of the Egyptian fellaheen, writes an extraordinary letter to the Times. He declares that it is useless to try to make Egyptians...

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The winds of war

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Nicholas von Hoffman Washington T he television leviathan has chalked up another record-breaking mini-series, a $40-million dramatisation of Herman Wouk's The Winds of War. We...

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Way out West

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Christopher Hitchens San Francisco G ay politics in America are becoming recognised as a serious force. The homosexual constituency, which is concen- trated principally in New...

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Acid rain and tidal waves

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Nigel Sitwell I n 1970 I volunteered, in print, to throw myself under the bulldozers if work should ever start on the third London air- port at Foulness (later they called it...

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Great work, Vishinsky!

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Richard West C hannel Four television, having already ‘../brought us The Irish RM, has now justified its creation by showing a film, Mis- sion to Moscow, that I had heard of...

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The press

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Danger: ideas at work Paul Johnson T he Guardian had a good scoop last Thursday, with its publication of con- fidential papers embodying discussions by senior ministers and...

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Doctors' dilemma

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Sir: Roy Kerridge, in his sneer at the oppos- tion to the Police and Criminal Evidence Bill (5 February), describes it as emanating from 'the newer New Left'. The British...

Sir: In his article 'Israel: the awkward truth' (19 February)

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Christopher Hitchens is in fact saying that Israel was directly responsi- ble for the massacre in Sabra and Chatila, in the same way as a person who hires a hit man to do his...

A modest proposal

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Sir: Timothy Garton Ash suggests that all would be well if only Poland could be swit- ched round geographically with Germany (12 February). We once had the chance to try doing...

Save our Survey

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Sir: In his very kind article about the Survey of London (19 February) Gavin Stamp said the 'next planned volume' is to deal with Clerkenwell. The present intention is that the...

Sir: Christopher Hitchens (19 February) seems somewhat self-satisfied as a

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result of the Kahan Commission's findings. He feels that it vindicates his position, as if pleased that the Commission was necessary in the first place. What he conspicuously...


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Israel's responsibility Sir: Surely your editorial (12 February) can- not have meant to imply that hawkish, ex- pansionist policies will 'improve Israel's security and...

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A Utopian Zimbabwe Peter Taylor Under the Skin: the Death of White Rhodesia David Caute (Allen Lane £14.95) T he Rhodesian war and the elections which followed it are still...

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A silly duke

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Peter Quennell Hell-Fire Duke: The Life of the Duke of Wharton Mark Blackett-Ord (The Kensal Press £12.50) p ope was one of those great writers who immortalise their grudges,...

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Post-war England

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A. L. Rowse Caves of ice James Lees-Milne (Chatto & Windus £12.95) J ames Lees-Milne is a diarist as accomp- lished as he is beguiling. His previous two volumes of diary gave...

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Francis King G arrulous, colloquial, perky, skittish and arch, Kurt Vonnegut's preface to this novel, laid out in seven sections, each four paragraphs long on average, reads...


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Patrick Skene Catling Full Tilt: Ireland to India on a Bicycle Dervla Murphy (Century £4.95) T ravel books are revealing works of autobiography, whether the authors in - tend...

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Old Hampstead

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Elizabeth Jenkins Images of Hampstead Simon Jenkins and Jonathan Ditchburn (Ackermann £67.50) T his most beautiful book, though of especial fascination to those who know...

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Clerical life

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Allan Maclean The Country Parson Simon Goodenough (David & Charles £7.95) I n the 1840s Mr Ancona's Ex - change and Mart listed advowsons for sale in the Ec - clesiastical...

Demon lover

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A. N. Wilson The Mystery of Georges Simenon Fenton Bresler (Heinemann/Quixote Press £8.95) G eorges Simenon boasts that he has had carnal knowledge of at least 10,000 women....

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Shiva Naipaul

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Peter Levi C ome years ago, the Hungarian govern- ment forbade the translation of an English novel because it failed to show the emerging peoples of the third world in their...

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No comparison John McEwen Peter Blake and James Barry: the Artist as Hero (Tate Gallery till 20 March. Barry's mural 'The Progress of Human Culture' can be viewed throughout...

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Unreal images Peter Ackroyd Identification of a Woman (`18', Camden Plaza) T his, we are told, is the first film which Michelangelo Antonioni has set in Italy for some 20...

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Problem solving Giles Gordon The Bacchae (Orange Tree, Richmond) Care (Royal Court Theatre Upstairs) Piero Plays His Part (Polka, Wimbledon) P eter Arnott's new and...

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Spellbound Maureen Owen A sked to name the most enjoyable pro- gramme on radio, Frank Delaney's Bookshelf (Radio 4, Sundays, 7.30pm; repeated Thursdays 4.10pm) would pro-...


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Stepping-stones Julie Kavanagh Train (Mantis, Cranford Community School, Hounslow) The Dancing Department (LCDT, Apollo Theatre, Oxford) Secret Gardens (ICA) G ood news:...

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High life

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Getting away Taki New York T his is my last week in this ghastly place. Never have I seen ruder people anywhere, not even in Moscow. Last week I gave a dinner for my friend...


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Tripe, no onions Richard Ingrams T have refrained hitherto from casting aspersions on the BBC's early evening newscasterette Miss Moira Stuart for fear of protests from all...

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Low life

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Taxing Jeffrey Bernard T f there are as many as 1,760 readers of 'this wretched column with current ac- counts in the black I'd be obliged if they'd sponsor me to run a mile...


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Great frocks Patrick Marnham °There is no doubt that Porter enjoyed the Young Designers' Show at the Park Lane Hotel; although this is the first time he has been out of the...

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Commonwealth Raymond Keene Melbourne D uring a trip to Nigeria in 1980 the thought came to me that it would be of great benefit to chess in much of the English-speaking world...

Co mpet iti o n

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No. 1258: Dear Pam ... Set by Jaspistos: Denis Thatcher's i M- aginary letters to his friend Bill are a favourite feature of Private Eye. A letter, please (maximum 150 words),...

No. 1255: The winners

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Jaspistos reports: Competitors were invited to describe in verse the performance of some modern sportsman through the eyes of a Romantic poet. The Romantics were not a natural...

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Solution to 593: Gemid.

The Spectator

El 01 IP illiedIE101131112Elkaille CIRCE! 0 LIE " 0120110LIE1 11121111111:11011311N10 3 121210 1:1111110112E0MIDEILILIO 1 .21;131111:1111E ri 12 II MIMI Ofl iVEIUMEI01:1111M P...

Crossword 596

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A prize of ten pounds will be awarded for the first correct solution opened on 14 March. Entries to Crossword 596, The Spectator, 56 Doughty Street, London WC1N 2LL. 10 Ur...

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Portrait of the week

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A private Parliamentary Bill which would have required newspapers to print a correction of equal size and prominence whenever it was said that they had printed an inaccurate...

Books Wanted

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BADEN-POWELL: 'The Matabele Campaign' and 'Sport in War'. C. J. Garratt, 81 Port Street, Evesham, Worcs. W. D. DAVIES: 'Paul and Rabbinic Judaism' and 'Essays on the Semitic...