28 APRIL 1855

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• Notwithstanding its release from the splendid incubus of the

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Imperial presence, Parliament has this week rendered its proceed- ings inferior in interest to other matters ; the debates of the Com- mons in particuhr being marked by...


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THE intelligence from Vienna is disagreeable. It is not only that Russia has definitively broken off from the negotiations, and refgaes all the proffered terms of acoommodation...

For the week, the communications from Sebastopol have fallen into

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a peculiar condition. The telegraph for uniting Balaldava with Downing Street has been completed all but an unimportant interval which will speedily be traversed, and messages...

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OF THE WEEK. Muss OF LORDS. Monday, April 23. Convention with Sardinia Bill committed. The Lords. Hour of Hour of Meeting. Adjournment. Monday Sh . 5h...

ceedings. Instead of being a reluctant or a merely investigation,-

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wit- ness, he became an assistant in the pursuit of the aiding the members of the Committee, pointing out where they might search, correcting them when they went wrong, and in...

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The Lord Mayor gave a farewell banquet on Saturday to Baron Hanss- man, Prerect of the Seine, and the other representatives of the Munici- pality of Paris. He had invited to...

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The firm of "James Baines and Co." of Liverpool and Mr. Layard M.P. seem given to a pretty frequent interchange of compliments in public. When he was at Aberdeen ' Mr. Layard...

CO Court.

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Tux Queen z. surrounded by her family and attendants, bade farewell to her Imperial visitors, from the grand entrance at Buckingham Palace, on Saturday morning. New visitors—the...

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The Headlock and Delacour case will shortly come again before the public. The Lord Chancellor, on the application of Mr. Elias Handcock, has ordered that it shall be reheard....

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Fnertors.—The Imperial party, after an easy voyage from Dove; reached Boulogne on Saturday afternoon. On Sunday morning the Em- peror reviewed 40,000 troops on the sands, and...


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Colonel Mure, for reasons of a private and domestic nature, is about to retire from the representation of 'Renfrewshire. Sir Michael Stewart of Ardgowan, a Conservative, is...

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giort [tannin.

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Attention has been drawn to a curious incident in the tea trade con- nected with the enhancement of duty. It is Well known that the duty is always made to take effect from the...

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Under date " Sebastopol, April 22," Prince Gortschakoff states that

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"the fire of the enemy on the 22d was slacker. During the lad two days our loss has been much less than the preceding days." Twelve Eneish gun-boats had yesterday passed the...


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SATtrannr. Early in the sitting of the House of Commons last night, Mr. LAYARD gave notice that, on "an early day," he should move a series of resolu- tions, to the effect that...

The telegraph reports that a meeting of diplomatists took place

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on Thursday at Vienna, with the object, it was said, of examining certain new propositions. It had no result, and the state of things remains as before. The Funds at Vienna had...

The Times gives great prominence to an announcement that on

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Satur- day next there will be a meeting at the London Tavern to found an " Ad- ministrative Reform Association." The resolutions to be moved are con- spicuously placed : they...


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STOCK EXCILANOK, FRIDAY APTSKTIOOK. The effect produced upon the English Funds from the recent announce- ment of the new loan has now subsided ; the accumulation of Stock...


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Both the letters of "Milieus" have reached us. It is not our practice to obtrude such matters of private interest upon the public. Nor would it be possible to notice a tithe of...

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The New Philharmonic Society's concert on Wednesday had only one

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noticeable feature—Beethoven's Choral Symphony, which occupied half the evening. The performance was painstaking, and tolerably correct. There had evidently been careful...


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M. Octave Feuillet, who has gained a literary fame by his proverbes, is the author of a two-act comedy, entitled Peril en to Detneure, recently produced at the Theatre Francais....

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Signor Graziani, one of the new comers promised in the Royal Italian Opera programme of the season, made his debt on Thursday, in Verdi's Dwane. He appeared in the character of...

The theatrical dulness of the period is somewhat relieved by

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the arri- val of a French company, comprising several of the actors of the Theatre de le Gaite ; who have brought with them their military drama, Les Cosaques. This piece, which...

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ARMY ABUSE GENERAL-COLONELS. • 19M April 1855. San—The principle laid down in the following extract from the article on "Merit as a Mlle to Promotion," in your Speeta for of...

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THE SECOND YEAR OF WAR. Russra. has refaced the proffered terms of peaoe so absolutely that accommodation seems to be rendered impossible. The Western Powers have committed...


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Tire financial plan designed by the Chancellor of the Exchequer to meet the current requirements of the war in addition to the ordinary expenditure gives rise to little positive...

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With these considerations to qualify our deference to Lord Lyndhurst's

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authority, we find that he and the Lord Chancellor . concur in supporting the modifiedreform of the constitution of the University, which we described and argued against last...

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Jr is natural if bureaucratic wrath is aroused against the Duke of Neweaetle for his' conduct before the Sebastopol Committee. The Duke has been too candid for afield -...


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THERE is one of our departments that must be separated from all the rest, not only by the amount of work done in proportion to the cost, but by the fact that it is essentially...

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CORNEWALE LEWIS ON EARLY ROMAN HISTORY. * TRH publication of tliese two volumes by a writer of competent learning, of rigorous logic, and already established in reputation,...


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WATERLOO, it seems, is not a name that Englishmen are prepared to erase from their annals ; nor will they give up Crecy, Agincourt, or Poictiers. We have received more than one...

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CONCLUSIONS as to the "productive forces" of a country will differ according to the meaning put upon the term. It may signify the gross annual produce actually raised in the...

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Tuts reprint of the articles which Sheil contributed to the New ItIonthly .31agazine, some thirty years ago, derives some fresh in- terest from the reeeut appearance of Mr....

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Boons. The History of the Corps of Royal Sappers and Miners. By T. W. J. Connolly, Quartermaster-Sergeant of the Corps. With seventeen coloured Illustrations. In two volumes....

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One exhibition of photographs has scarcely closed in Pall Mall when another opens in Bond Street, at the so-called Photographic Institution, next door to the Clarendon. The...


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Much as usual, the New Society of Painters in Water-Colours goes on its way with its exhibition of the present year, if not rejoicing, at least in a state of comfortable...


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The annual meeting of the Council and subscribers of the Art-Union was held on Tuesday, in the Haymarket Theatre; its former steady hoot, Mr: Charles Mathews, being no longer...


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On the 17th April, at Raddington Manor, Notts, the Wife of Sir Thomas Parkyne, Bart ' of a son, stillborn. On the 18th, in Hamilton Place, the Marchioness of Stafford, of a...

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ADMIRALTY, April 23.-Corps of Royal Marines-Gentlemen Cadets to be Second Lieutenants-'-H. Woodruff, T. Brener, It. L. Bourchier, A. Maeidtosh, fl. T. S. Davis C. NV. Carlyon,...


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Tuesday, April 24. PARTMERsnIPS ,GISSOLVED. Marshall and Stewart. Salford, cotton-thread-inbnii- facturersCorner and 'Thompson, Wapping Walt; pies isiomdperehauts-Crodley and...


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Wan-oemes, April 24.-lot Dragoons-Cornet J. Lee to be AdjL vice Gratrex, appointed to the 13th Light Drags. Coldstream Regiment of Foot Guards-F. H. A. Seymour, Gent, to be...

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LILWATI3••' Bristol and Exeter Caledonian Edinburgh and Glasgow Eastern Counties Great Northern Great South. and West. Ireland Great Western Hull and Selby Lancashire and...