28 MARCH 1857

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TirE _General Election is already Well °Avenged: Sir De Lacy EN'lit4 was the first •Member' of the new Parliament, who duly received his title at the liands7of Westminster.. _...

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TIIE DISSOLUTION. The Parliament of 1862 met for the last time on Saturday. There were not more than a dozen Peers in the House of Lords, and less than a hundred Members in the...

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Tim Quemt held a Court and Privy Council, at Buckingham Palace, on Saturday. At the Privy Council, the proclamation dissolving Parliament was ordered to be issued. The Earl of...

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The election contest for the City seats has been carried on with vigour, and has produced some curious "situations." It has boon conducted on behalf of Lord John Russell by a...

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franc !.—The ifoniteur gives a flattering account of the budget. "The report of the Minister of State of the budget of 1858 has been presented and read. It shows an excess of...


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The majority of the Irish counties and boroughs threaten to be the scenes of uproarious contests. There are signs of conflict in Armagh, Athlone, &artist, County Clare, Clonmel,...


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The first election on Scottish ground was that of Mr. Arthur Kinnaird, for Perth, on Thursday ; without opposition. In the Leith Burghs, the Lord-Advocate has had a stiff but...

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The Earl of Malmesbury, being unable to reply in Parliament to Lord Pa/merston's speech at the Mansionhouse and his address to the electors of Tiverton, has addressed a letter...

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SATURDAY. The General Election, which began on Thursday, made more progress yesterday, and many Members were returned, as will be seen front a list in another column. The...

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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTEILNOON. Money continues in steady demand on Government Securities at the minimum rate of 6 per cent. Applications have been occasionally rather...

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In a new version of La Ellie de P-irare, produced last Thursday at the Olympic with the title Daddy Hardarre, Mr. Robson has a ant worthy of himself. Valuable as ho is to the...

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• THE NEW HOUSE AND ITS BUILDERS. REPRESENTATIVE GOVERNMENT is undergoing a new stage in the trial to which it has been exposed, and constituencies as well as candidates are...

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MRS. FREER'S ELIZABETH DE VALOIS.. IN this life of the favourite Queen of Philip the Second, Mrs. Freer has made a oonsiderable advance upon her former biographies of royal...

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objects these " Conversations" bear some resemblance to Friends in Council, and one or two other works of a similar kind. The "topics of interest" are not treated by the "two...

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Booxs. A History of Prices, and of the State of the Circulation, during the nine years 1848-18543. In two volumes ; forming the fifth and sixth volumes of the History of Prices...

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fin arts.

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THE SOCIETY OF BRITISH ARTISTS. We seem to have arrived at a period when one general description suffices for all our minor yearly exhibitions of art,—that there is scarcely...

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PROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, MARCH 17. WAR Orries:, Pall Mall, March 17. - , - Brevet. — Major - Gen. the lin. T. Ashburnham, C.B. to have the local and temporary rank of...


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PROM THE 'LONDON GAZETTE, 3fARCH 24. Partnerships Dissolred. — Butler and Co. London and Oporto ; as far as regards C. and A. Butler—Butler and Co. London, merchants ; as far...

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Partnerships Dissolred.-Skepherds and Irving, Sheffield and New York, merchants ; as far as regards J. M. Shepherd-Ledger and Co. Great Pearl Street, Spitaffields,...