29 MARCH 1856

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In the absence of any substantial intelligence, the correspond- ents

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in Paris are collecting all available rumours. The sub- committee appointed to draw up the text of the treaty of peace is said to have found a hitch in its labours connected...

Scarcely has the sanguinary state of :political society in Berlin

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subsided to a more ordinary style of police scandal, ere blood is shed at Parma after a more Southern fashion, but still proving the prevalence of political disorder. Lieutenant...


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EASTER has interposed its usual interruption to public business, and, assisted by the Conference and the Imperial birth in Paris, has played havoc with the news of the day....

Just as the Commissioners on The Paris Exhibition are pre-

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paring to lay their report before the public, harbingered by the section which Mr. Henry Cole has recently circulated, the Stafford- shire Potteries have made a demonstration in...

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4t4r (put.

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TEM QUMEN, with the returning spring, has begun to take exercise on horseback; riding out in company with Prince Albert, the Princess Royal, and the Princess Alice. On...

'r 3littropotio.

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Easter festivities have not been so brilliant as they would have been, perhaps, had peace been proclaimed last week in the metropolis. In- deed, they do not step from the...

Easter should be a time for attending to clerical duties,

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but it is distinguished this year by vicissitudes in the Church out of the usual course of duty. Westerton and Protestant Democracy have ridden over Young England in St. Paul's...

The Justices in Eyre have grappled with the Shrievalty com-

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bination. Several gentlemen who are liable to perform the duties of Sheriff have banded themselves together in an association for the express purpose of reducing the expense....

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Some time since, a committee was formed in Staffordshire called the "Anglo-French Free-Trade Association." Its object is to promote the carrying out of the principle of...

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IRELAND.- The birth of the "child of France" was celebrated

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with great pomp at Dublin on Easter Monday, in the Church of the Conception. The cere- monial began with a grand pontifical high mass, which terminated in a solemn benediction...


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The booksellers and publishers of Edinburgh entertained Mr. Black, the new Member for the city, at a dinner on Tuesday, as a demonstration of respect for a brother of the trade....

fortign nub Colonial.

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PIM—The Conference is understood to be drawing to a dose ; but it is not now expected that the treaty of peace will be signed this week. The Plenipotentiaries have sat from day...

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Tun GUN-BOAT FLOTILLA.—Sir Charles Wood and Rear-Admiral Berkeley have.been-to Portsmouth-this week inspecting the gun-boat-flo- tilla. On Tuesday, from the deck of the Black...

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Some items of election intelligence are made public this morning.

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Mr. Whatman, Member for Maidstone, announces that he will contest West Kent, should Sir Edmund Filmer, one of the present Members retire. Mr. Humphrey Mildemy proposes to...

The Baltic, which arrived at Liverpool -yesterday, with advices from

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New York to the 16th instant, brought no important political news. San Francisco, and the whole State of California, were severely shaken by an earthqu ake early in the morning...

Mr. Anderson, " the Wizard of the North," publishes a

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long letter in the Times this morning, challenging the press to recall the calemnies which have been thrown upon him for the accidental burning of Covent Garden Theatre. He...

According to present arrangements, the. King of the Belgians will

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take leave of Queen Victoria this morning, and proceed via DoVerto Numbs. The first stone of the Reformatory Asylum for the county of Warwick was laid on Wednesday, by. Lady-...


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SAT1TR1iAY. All the testimony that reaches the public points to a speedy announce- ment of peace. One correspondent states that orders were issued on Thursday to the...

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- Mr. Hardwick, the Marlborough Street Police Magistrate, took his

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fare- well yesterday from his public duties. He has been thirty-five years on the bench. " As a Magistrate," says the Times, " Mr. Hardwick was honourably distinguished by the...

The Second Annual Report of the Postmaster-General on the state

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of the Post-office for the year 1855 has just been issued. It represents a general extension of Post-office conveniences, including considerable ac- celeration. The...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON'. The delay in the announcement of the treaty of peace, and the fact that the armistice will terminate on Monday ' have produced some...


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The Commons reassemble on Monday the 31st instant ; the Lords on Tuesday the 1st of April. The programme of business in the Commons is extensive. The fol- lowing is a selection...

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A new spectacle produced at the Ambigu-Comique, with the title Le Paradis Perdu , is one of those social "facts" that make an un- travelled John Bull rub- his eyes, and ask...

114t tOtatrts.

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We are now able to announce that Her Majesty's Theatre will be opened this season—probably within a month. The ne cessary arrange- ments for that purpose having been...

Drury Lane, always in a state of chang e , has once

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more assumed the aspect of an English operahouse. In this guise it opened on Easter Monday, with an English version of Verdi's Trovatore. The perform- ance, got up under the...

Itittri to t4t Chan.

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INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION. 2 Crown Terrace, Scarborough, 24th March 1856. Sin—I cannot regret that an omission in my former letter has called forth some valuable remarks from such...

Turning to the non-lyrical establishments, we find ample reason to

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believe that Easter, as a period for special entertainments, has altogether passed away from the managerial mind of our metropolis. If there is a relic of the old festival on...

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7 Canning Place,. Kensington, 26th March 1856. Sin—I feel it incumbent on me to contribute whatever authority I may claim from twenty years' pursuit of art, ten of which were...


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MR. GLADSTONE'S MANIFESTO. MR. GLADEPTONE has pointed out the one function and the one task which lie before the House of Commons, and " which . it wouldnot be justifiable to...


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London, 26th March 1856. strikes me that the nnes and 'probably Lord Clarendon have omitted an important feature in our endeavour to raise recruits in the United States,—namely,...


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The following Reformatories have been certified in England and Scotland: for England 20, for Scotland 17. Number the School is capableof containing. Name of Reformatory...

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Bin jonw RAKINGTON, at the instance of the " General Associa- tion for the Australian Colonies , " is to call the attention of the House -of Commons to the subjek of the present...

EXPOSITIONS OF 1851,'55, AND '59.

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Tire weakest part of the British portion of the Great Exhibition in Paris was the machinery ; manufactures were better represented, Manchester in particular. But there was much...

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THE blame for the failure of the cannon that burst, whether in the Baltic or at Woolwich, has been thrown upon the contract system : we suspect that it could be carried yet...


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Ma. BIDDER, the eminent civil engineer, appears on behalf of the Eastern Counties Railway Company, and is regarded as having " crushed" Colonel Wynne, the Government Inspector....

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TILE Daily News suggests the establishment or rather the con- tinuance of a public school. Peace being concluded, the Militia are no longer wanted. It is absurd to suppose that...


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SOME time since we stated reasons for believing that the Russian Government employs a very numerous corps of spies, who are scattered in the different countries that are of...

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MONTALEHBERT ON ENGLAND. * IT is always interesting and instructive to listen to the opinions of an intelligent and well-informed foreigner upon the institu- tions and manners...

THE. PRINCE IMPRETAL TEAT "its eyes are blue !" was

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one of the telegraphic messages which announced the first appearance of the Emperor Napoleon's possible heir. A gentleman whose political penny tracts have ob- tained some...

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establish three general propo- sitions, and to furnish numerous suggestions, subordinate to his main propositions, for the improvement in details of the higher education of...

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MRS. FITZHERBERT'S MEMOIRS. * AMONG the idle, unscrupulous, and sometimes absurd

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gossip that the - late Lord Tolland inserted in his Memoirs, was a tale to the effect that it was the Prince and not Mrs. Fitzherbert who insisted on the performance of the...

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NEW N o rzT, s.• TICE idea of Maurice .Elvington

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is better than the execution. A young man passing carelessly through school and college, living • luxury and fashionable idleness on the strength of expectations, and thrown...


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BOOKS. PUBLISHERS, like the rest of the world, have been keeping holiday ; but the week has produced a goodly collection of books upon ambitious themes. In history, there are...

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Put arts,

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SOCIETY OF BRITISH ARTISTS. But for two of its pictures, there would be little to say of the exhibi- tion which opened in Suffolk Street on Monday, except that, if not worse...


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An. exhibition of works by the students of Metropolitan and Provincial Schools of Art in connexion with this department opened on Tuesday, at the St. Martin's District -School...

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On the 19th March, at IlazIewood Castle, Tadcaster, the Wife of G. W. Manley, Esq., of a son. . On the 21st, at Wickham Place, Lady Champion de Crespigny, of a daughter. On the...


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FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE, MARCH 24. Partnerships Dissolvcd.-Axford Brothers, Bridgewater and Highbridge, timber- merchants-Smith and Smedley, or Smith and Co. Salford,...


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ADMIRALTY, March 20.-Corps of Royal Marines-Brevet-Capt. E. P. H. Ussher, having been allowed to retire on full-pay, under the provisions of her Majesty's i Order in Council,...


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FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE MARCH 26. WAR DErAwrinticr," March 25.-Cavalry - Roya l Regiment of Horse Guards- P. Bennet, Gent. to be Cornet, by purchase, vice Williams, promoted ;...

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BRITISH FUNDS. &hard . (Closing Magaday. Prices) nada, 'Vedas*. Thurs. Friday. 3 per Cent Consols Ditto for Account 921 02i 921 92 1 921 92 1 921 922 921 ' 921 3 per...