29 NOVEMBER 1975

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The Government's duty in Ulster

The Spectator

The Crossmaglen murders have rightly unleashed a storm of Opposition criticism of the Government and its Northern Ireland ministers. Conservative anger is all the more justified...

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Letters to the Editor

The Spectator

Research Department From Sir Keith Joseph, MP Sir: Politicians need thick skins, and more often than not permit press comments to pass in silence: Otherwise we might rarely...

NHS crisis

The Spectator

Sir: At the end of the debate on the Health Service in the House of Commons on Friday, November 21, Dr David Owen was left speaking to only eight MPs. By showing such...

Cardinal Heenan

The Spectator

Sir: Your obituary of Cardinal Heenan gives the impression of having been written by an enemy not only of the great cardinal but also of the Catholic Church. Hugh Ross...

Robbing Peter

The Spectator

Sir: I am sure that all pensioners are grateful to our benevolent Prime Minister for the increase in pensions due in early December. , But have they considered where the money...


The Spectator

Sir: Although he devotes the whole of his November 15 column to me, Bookbuyer does not quite indicate what my article in the New Review was about — even in the relatively...

Mr Heath

The Spectator

Sir: Mr Edward Heath is again showing signs of the latent paranoia which appeared from time to time when he was in office. You may think it quite futile to compare his conduct...

Home rule

The Spectator

Sir: In view of the fact that home rule for England would follow from indepen dence for Wales and Scotland, voauld not the Conservative Party predomin ate in an independent...


The Spectator

Sir: To demonstrate the splendid qualifications of some Asian doctors, Mr Arrilt Roy (November 15) invokes the name of one of them and appends the initials "RGN, DOMSI, DORCS,...


The Spectator

Sir: John Linklater says in his interest ing article on the power of the vol l (November 22) that will power is denied by humanists who see man as the sick molecular joke" and...

Amoral politics

The Spectator

Sir, Mr Folkes (November 8) correctlY points out that 'a doctrine of individua l conduct' and 'a doctrine about Govern ment policies' are two quite distinctlY separate...

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A Spectator's Notebook

The Spectator

E:1 Trouble, trouble, trouble: that is what Mr Cecil King has created with the second volume of his Diary, that and nothing else. Lady Macleod has complained that a passage a ....

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Political commentary

The Spectator

A Bill of Rights Patrick Cosgrave When, more than ten years ago, I began to write for The Spectator the then editor, Mr . Nigel Lawson (now Conservative MP for Blaby),...

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American politics

The Spectator

Mr Ford fumbles Leslie Finer Washington The American political writer Richard Reeves, an expert White House watcher, has written a new book with a whimsical title. It is...

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Farewell in Madrid

The Spectator

John Organ The Spanish Civil War came to its true end on November 23, 1975, as the coffin of General Franco was lowered into a marble vault in the basilica which political...

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Arms for Ulster

The Spectator

The Irish-American file Godfrey Barker England versus New York, Boston and Chicago: are we really fighting a new American R evolution in Northern Ireland? Last week's r...

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Trade Unions

The Spectator

AUEW election Jim Higgins Hats off for Mr Scanlon, two minutes silence for the blasted career of Mr Bob Wright, a little respect for the fallen, if you please. In the current...

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The Spectator

Not playing the game Hans Keller A f ew years ago I gave a lecture on football law reform to an assembly of referees. I enjoyed it SO much that I was incapable of noticing w...

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The Spectator

Christmas books Benny Green on guys, dolls and real people Oh the day after Damon Runyon died, his son was plagued by incessant telephone calls from Certain old ladies, and it...

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War babies

The Spectator

John Terraine

A History of Fighting Ships Richard Hough (Octopus Books £2.95)

The Spectator

Arms and Uniforms: The First World War, Parts /& II: The Second World War, Parts f & II Liliane and Fred Funcken (Ward Lock £3.95 per volume) Artillery: The Big Guns Go To War...

Yet that officer was right: there is great beauty. As

The Spectator

Richard Hough says, giving but one example, "the fighting ship is one of historY's most beautiful and fearful creations." A History of Fighting Ships shows that this is indeed...

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Lovesome places

The Spectator

Nikolaus Pevsner The Genius of the Place Peter Willis and John Dixon Hunt (Elek E12.50) The two compilers of this anthology have both major books in the press, the first on...

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The idle apprentice

The Spectator

Simon Raven Memoirs of William Hickey Edited by Peter Quennell (Routledge and Kegan Paul £5.95) In 1808 the lawyer William Hickey, after many years of practice at the Indian...


The Spectator

Quentin Bell In Vogue: Six Decades of Fashion Georgina Howell (Allen Lane £12.00 from February 1 st . £9.75 until January 31st, 1976). 20th Century Fashion Ernestine Carter...

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Regiments of women

The Spectator

Alan Brien Shoulder to Shoulder Midge Mackenzie (Allen Lane £7.75 and Penguin £3.50) In 1918, fifty years after John Stuart Mill moved the first bill to enact women's suffrage,...

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The corn is Greene

The Spectator

Larry Adler Hollywood Garson Kanin (Hart-Davis, MacGibbon £4.75) My Story Marilyn Monroe (W. H. Allen £2.95) Could be I'm getting cynical. Here are two books, one by Garson...


The Spectator

Geoffrey Grigson Samuel Johnson and His World Margaret Lane (Hamish Hamilton £6.95) Thomas I-tardy. An Illustrated Biography Timothy O'Sullivan (Macmillan £6.50) Dylan Thomas....

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The Spectator

Kenneth Hurren The Sound of Two Hands Clapping Kenneth Tynan (Jonathan Cape £4.95) Twenty-five years ago Kenneth Tynan described his first book, He That Plays the King, as "a...

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Sail away

The Spectator

John Groser Salting — A Course of My Life. Edward Heath ( Sidgwick and Jackson £5.50) Whatever history decides about Edward Heath, politician, sailor and now author, one thing...

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The Spectator

Shorts Peter Ackroyd The Times Anthology of Ghost Stories (Jonathan Cape £2.95) Winter's Tales edited by A. D. Maclean (Macmillan £3.95) Black Faces, White Faces Jane Gardam...


The Spectator

Signs of the times or signs of the trade? For several years Fontana have been selling paperback editions of the incomparab le Ngaio Marsh, and for several years they have been...

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The Spectator

The new Machines Robert Ashley I suppose the symbol of 0 'sixties, the cult-figure of that culiar period, was Bob Dylan, the milliona ire - protester. In his National Health...


The Spectator

In captivity Martin Sullivan It was a long time ago, nearly 2,500 years to be exact, when the Jewish people departed from their homeland, leaving a scorched earth behind them,...

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Comprehensive politics Rhodes Boyson The Government's proposed Bill to require all local education authorities to make plans for the abolition of selection in secondary...

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The Spectator

OF THE ARTS Theatre Poet and peasant and nuts Kenneth Hurren The Fool by Edward Bond (Royal Court) A Month in the Country by Ivan T urgenev, translated by Ariadne Nicolaeff...


The Spectator

Sick joke Kenneth Robinson Lenny Director: Bob Fosse Stars: Dustin Hoffman, Valerie Perrine, Jan Miner 'X', Odeon, Haymarket (111 minutes) This film begins by telling us, in...

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The Spectator

At the Hayward John McEwen The first of two shows of new work by British artists is to be seen upstairs at the Hayward till December. Work by six artists is on view. David...


The Spectator

For the birds John Bridcut The Gold Medal of the Royal Philharmonic Society is presented so sparingly — only sixty-seven recipients in over a century — that it is coveted as...

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The Spectator

Market assessment NIcholas Davenport It is time to re-assess the strength and/or the weaknesses of the security markets in the City. From i ts low point of 146 on January 6 the...

A fool and his money

The Spectator

Back to barter Bernard Hollowood One of the matters omitted from the Queen's Speech was any reference to the increasing use of barter in our trading system. Barter, the direct...

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Skinflint's City Diary

The Spectator

You may well have missed a little-publicised finding put out by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development saying that many of the politicians and forecasters...