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'rue youthful Queen VICTORIA, accompanied by her faithful wedded cavalier ALBERT, has left her good castle in "the island of Windsor," as it is called in the finest of the...

When a man gets hold of an object which is

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sensible in itself, and which he discusses directly and with honest singleness of pur- pose, he is tolerably sure to speak wisely. It is on that principle that certain members...

The retrospect of the Parliamentary session has afforded a nine-

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days topic for the daily journalists ; who, of course, regard it from The retrospect of the Parliamentary session has afforded a nine- days topic for the daily journalists ;...

It will be seen by our Foreign news, that Louts

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PHILIPPE'S family have been threatened with wholesale destruction, and by means not very unlike that which destroyed the last of their family that perished—the running away of...

Italy is disturbed by intestine commotion. In the absence of

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all free public intelligence, which the rigid censorship of its many states thoroughly obliterates, it is impossible to tell at once, if at all, what is the real importance of...

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be eDOUrt.

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W/NDSOR is for a time deprived of its illustrious residents : but before their departure it was the scene of more than usual gayety ; for on Saturday, Prince Albert's...

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'Ube Iiiittropolis.

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A special Court of Common Council was held yesterday, to consider an address of welcome to General Espartero. Mr, Deputy Peacock eulogized the character of the General ; and...

Ebe lprobinces.

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Rebecca has sustained a defeat in Heverfordwest. The Magistrates received information, on the evening of Thursday last week, that the rioters intended to attack Prendergast...

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The Lord-Lieutenant and the Countess De Grey,- with their Salley sailed from Kingstown on Friday evening, on their *a 10 LOodoit. The usual weekly meeting of the Repeal...

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gortign an (Colonial.

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FRANCE.—Louis Philippe and his family have had a narrow escape with their lives. On Monday, the King and Queen, with all the members of the Royal Family at Eu—namely, all but...

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Prince Albert has undertaken the experiment of rearing the black- cock in the Southern part of the island. His Royal Highaess has pur- c hased for preserves a tract of...

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There is some interesting news from Ireland this morning. In

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the first place, the opposition of the Marquis of Londonderry and other Conservatives to the contemplated meeting at Belfast, on the 7th instant, has been effectual. The...

The Royal Agricultural Improvement Society of Ireland, established in 1841,

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began the proceedings of their annual meeting on Wednesday, at Belfast, with every prospect of an important display. There are now eighty local societies in connexion with the...

Advices from Eu, of Thursday, state that the Prince de

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Joinville had departed for Cherbourg, to embark in a war-ship for the purpose of meeting Queen Victoria and escorting her to the coast of France. The preparations of Louis...


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According to expectation, the Victoria and Albert yacht, with the Queen and Prince on board, got under weigh at nine o'clock yesterday morning, and left Plymouth Sound for...

The Times comes out today as a sturdy advocate of

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some change to improve the condition of the tenant in Ireland. After discussing Mr. Sharman Crawford's several suggestions, and giving the preference to that of "letting laud...

This morning, at eight o'clock, the household and suite of

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the King of Hanover left St. James's Palace, in six carriages, en route for Hanover. His Majesty slept at Kew last night, and will follow in the course of the day.— Globe.

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The reports of eye-witnesses connected; with Birmingham, who left that

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place this morning (Friday) are very favourable. It appears that In the various branches of business the workmen there are fully em- ployed. — Morning Post, City article.

Intelligence from Naples, of the 15th August, reports a riot

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there on the previous day, the eve of the Assumption ; in which the people used knives and stilettos against the soldiery, in the church of the Annunziata. The disturbance is...


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STOCK EXCUANGE, FRIDAY ATTERNOOK. The usual quartely notice was yesterday issued from the Bank of England, declaring the readiness of the Directors to make advances upon the...


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hear the following story of the late Mr. TIERNEY or Carrvir ?—I forget which. He was at Brookes's, just before NAPOLEON'S defeat in Russia, with a knot of Whigs who had reckoned...


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The Martha, :Smythe, from Calcutta to Loudon, put into St. Helena, 11th July, leaky. Amman—At Gravesend, 26th August, Robin Gray. Patollo, front Calcutta; 29th, Josephine,...

Although the Halifax packet of the 16th August brings no

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intelligence of importance from the United States, we must not suppose that the people are, for once, without a topic of excitement. The Puseyite con- troversy is raging at...

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HARVEST HOME. Asmara has been from the beginning of time the season of sports and jollity. Even its toils, among a simple people, have something pleasant in them. When the...


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WHEN we recently contended that the law against murder, which involves duellists equally with other homicides, should uodergp modification, so as to give in plain words to that...

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FATHER MATHEW ' S reception in the British Metropolis has been of a checkered kind. Tens of thousands have taken the pledge of total abstinence at his bands, Earl STANHOPE and...

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EVERY one is well acquainted with the external signs and indications of La Jeune France, and with her theories on politics, morals, religion, lite- rature, and the arts. We need...


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As advertisement in a recent number of the Journal des Dam& holds out the promise of a " charmant voyage atres bon marche " — in other words, "a month in London for twenty...

Blackwood's Magazine for September has an interesting paper on " the

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Bankruptcy of the Greek Kingdom ;" the object of which is to show that Greece is in a much better way than people suppose. Even politically, the really liberal municipal...

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Swernwros. The Vital Statistics of Sheffield. By 0. Calvert Holland, Esq., M.D., Physician Extraordinary to the Sheffield General Infirmary, &c. &c. Tgas; Greases, Sheffield....

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Tins third introduction of FREDERULA BREMER'S Swedish novels to the English reading world consists of two continued stories; the connexion between the two being very slight,...

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THE completion of this work enables the purpose of the author to be better comprehended, than was possible in a piecemeal examination during its publication in numbers. It was...

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From August 18th to Augasalst. Boosts. The Vital Statistics of Sheffield. By G. CaLvEax HOLLAND, Esq., M.D. The President's Daughters; including Nina. By FRP.DEBIKA. BREMER....

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of the Commissioners of Fine Arts : in itself it is merely a formal announcement of the steps that they have already taken to procure evidences of the skill of British artists...

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BIRTHS, On the 17th August, at the Rectory, Hartlebury, the Lady of the Rev. Tawas/Wm. of a son. On the 113th, at Theberlon Hall, the Lady of the Rev. C. Mmeraoux Doi:tower,...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) Saturday Monday. Tuesday. IVednes. 3 per Cent. Consols , 9 9 4 41 1 Ditto for Account 3 per Cents. Reduced • 190231 31 per Cents. Reduced...


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Tuesday, August 29. PARTNERSHErs orssnoven. Simpson and Engley, Grosvenor Place. Commercial Road. linendrapers- Pimm and Holt. Guildford. cabiuet makers -Ilastiugs and...


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OFFICE OF ORDNANCE. Aug. 28. - Royal Artillery-First Lieut. H. S. Rowan to be Second Capt. vice Dischamos. cashiered. Second Lieut. P. G. Pip= to be First Lieut. vice Rowan.