8 OCTOBER 1842

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THE event of the week is the actual beginning of the trials of the rioters, under the Special Commissions the Judges having entered upon their duties in Staffordshire. Thus far...

The American papers last received give us the whole of

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the correspondence preliminary to the new treaty. The particulars of such negotiations are usually as uninteresting as the description of the preparations the day after the...

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It is fabled that two brazen men were placed at

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the gates of Rome, east and west, and that when the Eternal City or its provinces were menaced with foreign aggression they began to throw a ball from one to the other. It is a...

The Indian mail has come with important news. The imperfect

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telegraphic despatch betrayed Viscount Chronicle, with his rabid hostility to the Government that ousted his own, into a ludicrous tissue of disparaging assumptions about Lord...

be Court.

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Taz life of the Conn at Windsor this week has been unsually tranquil. The only visiters besides the Hutches. of Kent, who came over daily from Frogmore, have been Lord...

Baroness Lehzen, who for a long time filled a strictly

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confidential situation about the person of the Sovereign, having been the governess to the Queen in her youth, left Windsor Castle on the 23d of September, and Buckingham Palace...

Ib lattropolis.

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In Marylebone Registration Court, on Wednesday, Mr. Alfred Austin confirmed an objection against the Duke of Dorset's right to vote. The House of Commons, he said, had decided...

The statement of the income of the City of London,

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reported to the Court of Common Council some time back, has just been published in the papers. It shows a total of 85,069/. The principal items are, profits of the markets,...

The accuracy of the accounts in some of the daily

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papers respecting the frauds in the Customs has been called in question: Mr. Hastings has denied his participation; a brother of Mr. Rolls has put forth a similar protest ; and...

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TheCouncils of the Metropolitan Chartist Localities met in the National

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Charter Hall, in the Old Bailey, on Thursday, to revise a plan for the collection of funds for the benefit of the "political victims and of better organization." A motion was...

At Marylebone Police-office, on Friday, and again on Thursday, Lord

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Frankfort appeared as the prosecutor of Alice Lowe, whom he charged with having stolen jewellery from him to a considerable amount of value, at his house, No. 17, Southwick...

Ann Briers, who entrapped Mr. Woolley of Bristol into a

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marriage with Mary Ann Morgan, as Miss Louisa Poole King, a young lady of fortune, has been visited in her confinematt by the wife of a London tradesman who has long been...

Irbe lprobincts.

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A public dinner was given at Aahbourne, in Derbyshire, on Tuesday, to Mr. C. R. Colville, M.P., Mr. E. M. Mundy, M.P., and Mr. J. Harrison, of Snelston Hall, by the Guardians of...

A very strange correspondence has been published, between Mr. George

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Wilson, the Chairman of the Anti-Corn-law League, at Manchester, and the Duke of Cleveland ; with a further correspondence between Mr. Acland, a lecturer of the League, and the...

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Simultaneously with the arrests of leading Chartists mentioned last week,

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on account of some seditious proceedings at a meeting in Manchester on the 17th of August, others occurred in various parts of the country. First, as was mentioned in our last...

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The Newcastle Chronicle describes the Prince Albert iron steamship, the

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first ship of any considerable magnitude built of iron on the Tyne. Its length between perpendiculars is 155 feet ; length over all, 180; main breadth, 19 feet flinches; depth...


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The Lord-Lieutenant arrived at the Viceregal Lodge, in Phcenix Park, on Monday. Mr. Blackbtirne has been offered, and has accepted, the Mastership of the Rolls, rendered vacant...

At the usual weekly meeting of the Repeal Association, on

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Monday, letters were read from the gentlemen who are making tours of agitation in the several provinces. The progress does not appear to be very great. Mr. John O'Connell writes...

SCOTLAND. -A social meeting" of the members and friends of

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the Edinburgh Complete Suffrage Union was held on Thursday week, in honour of Mr. Sharman Crawford, and the other Members of Parliament who supported Iris motion for Complete...

The following resolutions have been sent to us. They are

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stated to have been passed unanimously at a meeting of the Glasgow Church Defence and Anti-Patronage Electoral Association, held on Monday last "to consider what steps they...

The Mid-Lothian collieries continue in an uneasy state. On Friday

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; a body of colliers, three hundred in number, assembled in Freemason'sHall, at Dalkeith, and held a meeting with locked doors. The Duke of Buccleach, Sir John Hope, Mr. Scott...


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The Archduke Frederick of Austria, accompanied by Prince Esterhazy, and attended by Captain Fitzroy, R.N., left town on Tuesday, by the Birmingham Railway, for Drayton Manor,...

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Parliament met on Thursday, pro formii, to be further prorogued.

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The Lords Commissioners were the Lord Chancellor, the Earl of Aberdeen, and the Earl of Shaftesbury. The Commons were represented by Mr. W. Lee, the second clerk, and others of...

The Morning Chronicle has discovered that the reason why Government

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determined upon a special prayer of thanksgiving for the abund ant harvest, instead of the; thanksgiving in the Prayer-Book, was the desire to avoid the use of the word...

The following is given by the Morning Chronicle as the

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correct list of the new Bankruptcy Commissioners already appointed under the recent act: Mr. Sergeant Stephens, Mr. David Pollock, Mr. Horace Twiss, 3,1r. Shepherd, Mr. Wray,...

The Indian overland mail has arrived with intelligence from Bombay

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to the 27th August, and from China to the 7th June. The most important accounts relate, not so much to events which bad happened, as to the preparations for future activity. We...

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The Caledonia, which left Halifax on the 19th of September,

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arrived at Liverpool on Saturday, with papers and letters from Montreal and Kingston to the 13th. Sir Charles Bagot opened the second session of the Parliament of United Canada...

The Caledonia left Boston on the 17th, and brings intelligence from New York to the 16th.

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There is not much news of importance by this arrival. There were various rumours of changes in the Cabinet of Washington : among these were the appointment of Mr. Cushing to the...

A gentleman who is on a tour of Irish Repeal

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agitation in the United States writes letters to the Dublin Pilot, in the latest of which he says" The harvest is nearly carried throughout the United States. The crops are an...

The papers publish in extenso the very voluminous correspondence of

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Lord Ashburtui and Mr. Webster, which led to the treaty between the United States and Great Britain. A very fair description of its general purport was given in the summary of...

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The steam-ship Dee, which arrived at Falmouth on Tuesday, brings deplorable accounts of disease at Havannah.

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The latest date from Jamaica is August the 26th. All was quiet. Lady Elgin had been taken into the country by the Governor-General, for her health.

The French papers allege a new grievance, the boarding of

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a vessel on the coast of Africa. The vessel was the brig L'Aigle, and it was boarded by officers from the British brig Cygnet. M. Brice, the master of the French vessel, gives...

We understand that the Convocation at Stuttgardt of the Delegates

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of the Germanic Customs Union has now broken up ; and, to our no small gratification, we find that, thanks to the enlightened views of the principal state, the many strenuous...

The new Prince of Servia calls himself Alexander Georgewolset Czerny.

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He has published a proclamation with this signature ; which means to imply, that he is henceforth merely the descendant of Czerny George, and not a Russian officer.

Lord Palmerston having gone through the form, expected by his

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Anti-Slavery friends, of directing the British Ambassador at Constantinople to interpose with the Turkish Government some representation on the subject of slavery, received from...

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Mr. EDWIN CHADWICK, the Secretary to the Poor-law Commissioners, conceives

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himself aggrieved by some remarks in our two criticisms on the Sanitary Reports, published on the 6th of August and the 24th of September; and he has sent us a voluminous Letter...

The full details of the Indian news, in the morning

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papers, add little either to the knowledge of the facts or the certainty of reports respecting the future ; but a more complete information than that conveyed by the telegraph...

A meeting of the members of the Anti-Corn-law League, took

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place at Newall Buildings, in Manchester, on Thursday ; Mr. George Wilson in the chair ; in order to hear speeches from Mr. Cobden and others. Mr. Cobden spoke at considerable...

The Leeds Mercury of this day repeats an assertion which

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it formerly made, but for which it now professes to have more positive authority, that the German Commercial League, during the late session at Stungardt, raised the duties...

Lord Abinger, the leading Judge of the Cheshire Special Commission,

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delivered his charge to the Grand Jury on Thursday. It was distinguished by a strong infusion of political controversial matter ; as the following speciniens of his phrases will...

Charles Gifford, the man charged with shooting at Peirce, (the

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Southampton quondam Chartist, who says that he has discovered a plot to destroy the Queen and Prince Albert,) on the 6th of September, was again examined before th. Magibtrates...

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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY APTIRROON. The business of the English Funds has not been extensive, unless we consider one purchase of 30,00W. and another of 20,000/. as coming with...


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Arrived-Off Dartmouth. Oct. 2d, Steadfast, Owen, from the Cape. At Liveool, 6th, Christiana. Simpson, from Bombay. Off Crookhaven . Sept. 30th. Geutoo, Dodds, from Calcutta....


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RIGHT OF SEARCH TREATIES AND THEIR CONSEQUENCES. A COLLISION between a British cruiser, engaged in watching the slavers off the coast of Africa, and a French merchantman, has...

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IT would be a miserable waste of time to follow the War-faction into all their pettifogging quibbles about the terms of Lord ASH BURTON'S treaty. There is a very short process...


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WREN elderly widowers are seduced into marriages with sham heiresses—when men of any age or rank are cheated at prick-the-garter or the pea and thimble—in almost all kinds of...

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Ax author of "Addresses to Youth," who appears to have been liberally supported by the nobility, was placed the other day at the bar of one of our Police-offices, accused of...


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COVENT GARDEN. Rossma's opera of Semiramide was brought out at Covent Garden, as we announced, on Saturday night, partly for the purpose of giving Miss JUMBLE a new character,...

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THE musical societies of the Metropolis are beginning to resume their meetings ; the Concentores Sodales having reassembled on Tuesday last. '['his society is so strictly a...

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THE biography of JOHNSON, written whilst his feelings of grief and friendship were 'et fresh, has given a celebrity to RICHARD SAVAGE which neither his singular birth, his...

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Deputy-Superintendent to a new settlement, which the British Central American Land Company proposed to form at Black River, on the Mosquito Shore ; and he sailed to his...

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On the following day, the King. accompanied by some of the English and a few of his quartermasters, proceeded to the place of execution, a large tree by the side of the fort....


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Tuts volume is of different authorship from the previous publications; and it strikes us as being on the one hand something more like an itinerary, and on the other as...

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known for varicius publications on Egypt, which have popularized its written history from " the fm-st syllable of recorded time " to the downfal of the PTOLEMIES, SO far as the...

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STATUES AND THE PLACES FOR THEM: MINIATURE BUSTS. DEAN IRELAND'S death has revived the question of the admission into Westminster Abbey of THORWALDSEWS statue of BYRON; which,...


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BIRTHS. On the 213th September, at Windsor, the Ron. 'Uri. TorrENanm, of a daughter. On the 23 October, at the Rectory, Ewhurst. Sussex. the Wife of the Rev. GEORG/ Warm of a...

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Tuesday, Oct. 4. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Jones and Martin, Fort Street, Old Artillery Ground. silk-manufacturers-K. and W. Mitchell. Truro. merchants-T. and It. Baker, Cobham,...

Friday, Oct. 7. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Moyle awl Thomas. Penzance. surgeons-Leyland

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and Atkin, Liverpool-Wretts and Manuals, Ipswich, cheese-factors-Dysou and Grimshaw, Leeds. flour-dealersJ. and S. Ellaby, Melton Monkey. grocers-. Bull and Turner, Birmiugham,...