12 DECEMBER 1840, Page 10

In the sitting of the Chamber of Deputies on Wednesday,

M. Guizot made an important statement of the views of the French Govern- ment regarding Spain. On the order of the day for the debate on the bill for a supplementary credit of 700,000 frolics for foreign refugees, M. Guizot said, that it was the firm determination of the Government not to interfere, directly or indirectly, in the internal affairs of Spain. As regarded the amnesty, the French Government bud nothing to do with that measure, and would not interfere, tither by words or acts, in that matter. The subsidies granted to refugees wire dictated by feel- ings of generosity and humanity ; and it was the Chamber that had the power of voting them, and of deciding for -what period they should be cent timed. The bill was then passed, by a majority of 200 against 18.

Louis Philippe's reply to the address of the Chamber was read on Wednesday, and followed by cries of " Vire It Roil " " Gentlemen-1 was impatient to see you assembled around me. The more I found the passions agitated, the more 1 felt the necessity of being sustained by the Mihiirilice of the Chamber, and of finding in their support the means of meeting Ow gravity of circumstances. The perfeet accordance of the great powers of the state will prove to the world, that if France duly appreciates for Europe, as 1Seli as for herself, the blessings of peace, she is equally resolved to maintain her dignity and her rank among nations, that glorious inheritance of our country-, which I shall know bow to preserve for her. By the address you have brought me, you have worthily answered my expectatiens, and 1 venture to say those of France. Thanks be rendered to you! Aly heart is deeply im- pressed with the good wishes you express for my children and myself:"