12 DECEMBER 1840, Page 10


The nova of the set:mission of MritEstLr ALI, and the general tenour of the advices from India, produced a favourable effect upon the Funds; which were on Tuesday at all :vivid:cc. of el; per cent. upon the prices of the previous day. The market has since declined about per cent., in consequence of the looni- ness of the Frellth Stocks, and reported negotiation of large Foreign loans. It is evident that the state of "armed peace" in which Eurepe has been placed fhr the last few months, has been one of very expulsive enjoyment ; and ac• cording-13. we Mid, that Fritnee will require an immediate loan of from six to ten millions stem-1'11,g, and that Russia has contracted one of km miliions. Our lion share of the Lill has not yet been ascertained; but it will, as usual, be heavy, and most occasion a creation of Stock to sonic considerable extent, during the course of the next year. The Foreign Loans will be viewed with alarm by the Batik Directors, as their inevitable result must be to cause a large exportation of the precious metals, and consequently a lull of the exchanges. On Tuesday last, the rates upon Paris and Amsterdam flit to the extent 'of nearly 4- per cent. A. large mercantile house having taken readily all the bills that were offered at the de Keciation above referred to, it was at first supposed that the house in too ttion lead contracted for the French Loan, and that the bills thus taken were fur the purpose of making the necessary remittances : but the operution has teen enpinined by subsequent advices from Amsterdam, that Messrs. 1-I01,1: have contracted for a loan of 4,000,000/. sterling with the Rus- sian Government : the stock created in virtue of ‘51411 is In Liar interest nt4 per coat., and to he issued at 90. We have very little doubt that this Stock ail] he introduced to our market ; and it is to the noticiration of this circum-

st I :at the tall in the exchange and the operation before alluded to must he refill m!. The rates upon Paris are to-day the same as last pest, but those upon Anisterdbi aniburg from to?, lier tel lower. There have teen but few transactions in the English Funds. Aloney con- tinues in demand ; and the premium upon Exchequer Bills has been as into as Ineiiit Bonds are quoted 12s. discount. Bank Stock has experienced a further decline, and was yesterday as low as 15(4" 1M. Money ; to-day the price lies ads:diced 1 per cent., and has been quoted at 157eli 'Alma.). and 1586 for the Jomary Accoutit ; the dili'crene e ot 1 per cent. between the two quota- tions tieing about equal to the interest upon the money employed at the cur- rent rate of 0 per cent. per annum.

Advises have 1.., received of some very severe losses of shipping; among others that to' the :hip :dargalore, iu the Chinese seas, with a cargo of tea va- lued at 160.0014. 'flare have been also some losses of Baltic and other vessels, which mill carry the total of maritime loss during the week to more than 250,000/.

In the Foreign Market we have scarcely any transactions of importance to teLort ; the business transacted having been upon an iteusually limited scale There has, however, been an evident disposition for speculation in the Non-

Dividend St inks. I:lexicon, Columbian, slid Peruvian, have been in more fir lea dentiind ; hint though they have all advanced, the improvement Las not fern suppert ed. during the last day or two, these Funds have deo clined, and some of them have given way to the whore extent of the previous ad vaitc;e. Sl anis!' Active, which was at 2414, has been to-day 24, but Chores Ilightr, viz. 24,1, Columbian have been in demand at 20, but are to-day 251.; while Pcitivi.in, a Lich have Leen lung neglected, have on several occasions eluting the fast foe 0413;6 llet.11 purchased at 26. Alexican bad advanced to 30; bet the last ethic( s were not faveurable as to the political slate of the country, and the quotation of to-elay is 29 to 291-. The half of the dividend Is 'deli be- came due on tht: 1st instant upon the Portuguese Regency Five per Cents. and

the Pitt ot 12.37, is well as upon those Bonds know]) iu the market as fial.lsteid's nose in e011nie of payment : the Coupons fiir the Divi- dend :ire re eeived at the Financial Agency of the Portuguese Government, Flit try Chambers, London Wall ; half of the nominal amount paid, and the (.'ou pat ret ureell 10 the Bondholder, lm ring hero first Slumped to note the fact of the pay/met of this portion of the dividend. The Coupon must lie reattaelled to the Bend, in order te n mier the Stock negotiable in the market. The 'dice is new quoted t ; and the pre:elit quotation ot the Five per Cent. at :if to !„ is equal to 'devious 011eE of the none stork at to \VC not co bee tint ult3 peeress has been made in the negotiation of the lieu 1.110Z:;::11 1....111. Aiming other arrangements pressed upon 24. Alox1.4:-

au V n, i.,tem ler et molidot Mg the whole ef the Brazilian Field into one Stuck; a iecindire that it mild. he highly advantageous to lice holders of the Stock of the lint to ti Loma. nude are at present lour kinds of Brazilian Ponds in existeeet —1st, TLese of the Loan of 1ha4, part contracted with the btu Mr. Boa-Ilse:1mm ; 2(1, Another drscriptiou of Stock of the same Bono, cen- t reiett el with :Sits-is. il.SUN n1111 CO.; Oil, Those of the Loan of 1520, con- tieettii with Mr. Bo] iisi 1111.1); 4111, These Of the Loan of 15:,)S, contracted

Al All • S.'011 these', the 1;1113' two curictit in the

n. at are the Bend: of the Loan of 152-1; width vie quilted in the Steel:- lists Me :Ile re Idly, mot one tom• itimhed at 70 to 72. The Rondo of the Loon of

1) 2!) Ill t at a leniiiiuelIiI F1(111431 !IF Willi the preceding ; and

in the nee, Of thin it. t time hare Lien sold at 05, Icing (i per below

the Bonds of 1524. Cutgnila lovely occur in the last-named satiety; but it

cutout eelctinIy let valued above lietTusenitn's of 1)-29. 'there has Lien some yetis ily he the Him e-mail:et, anti ail advance of iii in 10s. to 2/. per Shoe ill sonic of the Sal ielleS elan_ tit : the business transacted has Lent but It illiog. SATIO:DA V. TwELVF 0*(1111:1C.

TLr niniket is heavy, with very little business doilig. Consols for Account

nod Reduced Three per Cults. for Alone.). kith Opened ; and after taboo /plot, d at S91, have been mailed at 59, and are at present Stl to A. Ex-

chequer Bills art. Is, to pamititn. 1irtik Stuck has liven done at 1571 fur Money ate I/.1, for Aceotilit. In the Foreign Alarket, Spanish and l'ortu- fal.f, are Many, MAI the rest 11 41111111 Variation. Portuguese I.ive per Cents. opened at 34 to i, and are new 3:3; 4, Spanish Active has been done at 24 but is now 23i 4. The usual monthly statement of the average liabilities and assets of the Bank of England has been published ; as compared with the last it exhibits a diminution in the amount of the Circulation to the extent of 359,000/., in that of the Deposits to the extent of 59,0001., while the Securities have been increased by 241,00011, and Bullion diminished by 218,0001.

3 per Cont. Consols shut Belgian 5 per Cents... 97 9

New 31 per Cents.. shut Mexican 5 per Cents. Cuusd. 295

Wilt Stock for Account shut *Russian 5 per Cents 1121 13; Brazilian 5 per Cents 71 2 Spanish (Active) 235 24