12 DECEMBER 1840, Page 10


We are obliged by the communication of CLEaleaS. though his information is neither very new nor very recondite. Wo lied thought however. that Cuelodes edition of Imoories appeared a year or two earlier than we find, on revelling to dales. it /ILI ; perhaps salcumseiously misled by 'the tact that Moans was tepts Mg to" some late Treaties. one whereof goes under the Name or James Archbishop or Armagh.". For be from us to suppose that we could settle. if a newspaper were the place to settle. which, or whether any "of the Epistles now extant under the name of fgmetios„.. as PALSY cautiously expresses it, are genuine, seeing that the question has bee. disponi fur several hundreds of years, and on some points is still open.

The subscriber to Manchester who has been so long loolving out for the Spectator Index for 19.9. is iontrined tint he will lint it in his copy of the [super of Decem- ber ::8th of that year.