12 DECEMBER 1840, Page 11


[We have received the following letter from a correspondent relative to the two girls who have been the chief subjects of Dr. Fatremrsoses experiments iii Animal Magnetism. Our correspondent has favoured its with his .tidross ; and we have every reason to rely upon the honesty of his testimony—that he states no matter of fact which is not true, so far as he knows—no opiolon which lie does not believe. With this remark, we prefer leaving the OREYS to the benefit of his evidence, tai our personal inspection could satisfy no one.]


Oxford and Cambridge Chili, 10:11 December 13,i0.

Stet—In a criticism on Dr. ELLiorsox's Human Physiology, in last Satur- day's Spectator, are the following sentences. " The parties ail titled to are ttvo girls who were expelled the Hospital, we believe as impostors, and whom Dr. Elliotson subsequently took into his house. They illustrate the proverb of 'practice makes perfect.'" The public, unhappily, will knots Wry well that the two girls whose charac- ters ale thus condemned are named ELIZABETIL acid JANE OicEv.

1 hope I may ask you, as an act of justice, to allow one who is cognizant of the fitets, and who lots had the amplest opportunities of tt sting the truthfulness of these t wo girls, to bear his testimony in their lavour in those valuable and widely-circulated coltuons which have contained the al tack upon theta. I have nothing to do with your strictures on Dr. F.LT.10.11.0N, 1111.1 1 S11:11,1 not be guilty of the impertinence of discussing with you the que,tioii of Animal Magnetism. I ask only to he allowed to say a good tvord, whieb can be truly Said, for two poor girls; to whom, poor and bumble as they ere, a good char ranter is precious, and whose bread may depend upon their character. These two sisters were not expelled the North London Hospital as 1111poS- tors. The illanaging ('oatinittee of the hospital exercssed no opinion as to the characters of the girls, and had Ito occasion to eXIIVVOS one. They were re- moved from the hospital as the most effectual if' not the only means of stop • ping exhibithms, which the Managing Committee thought injerlous to the interests of the institution, and in pursuance of a standing onlar which au. thorizes the removal of patients after a certain time if no decided change or improvement shall then have taken place. It will oceur to y that the Managing Committee might think exhibitions of Animal Magnetism injurious to the Hospital, even though they placed faith in the phamonteini.1,nd acquitted the girls exhibiting the plitenomeim of imposture. Again, the girls having, been in the North London Hospital for a period longer than that specified in the standing order, there was nothing extraordinary in their removal. In reply to your rental k that the pl,■tenoinena exhibited the proverb of"practice makes perfect," I trust you will allow me to say, t hat, having had during the last twelve mmiths frequent, and for sonic' time d..ily, opport a- mities of observing these girls, both when inagnetizra and when oat under the intim-nee of magnetism, 1 am convinced that two tracr and hottester creatures do not exist, In order to fix on myself the responsibility of this as:ori ion. 1 enclose you my name and address; Which I W011111 wiP ingly publish, itto,y name were one carrying authority. 1 take the liberty also of offering you an early opportunity of judging for yourself.

I will venture to add one word more. These tiro girls are very poor. the daughters of very poor parents. It' they are dishonest, they would be dishonest for gain's sake. It' they have not made again of A Motel ,.1,,giletism. we may presume them to be lamest. From the time of their entering the North 1.011- 1101I 1 10,•1111111 Oillietell with epilepsy, to the tittle of their route to th.Or Lune, they received nothing beyond the benefits of the I Impital. alai board aml ne- cessaries while they resided in 1)r. ELLIOTSON'S house. Dr, Em.ftersoN always very properly took care to prevent presents from visitors. Since their return to their parents they have received a small allowanee from Dr. ELIA ti e- SoN;which, when their poverty, their heliilessiless, and the tinfoil write publi- city which they have incurred are borne in mind, cannot be considered other- wise than just. But if any thing should happen to Dr. El.t.nersoN, to whom these girls flow look for support, they may require to rely on their OW11 01.11111:1 fur 8111):11411111.1e: and 1 am sure, Sir, that you would he sorry to have contri- uted, by ahasty and unfunded condemnation, to take away opportunities Of industrious ,,,ultsistenve from two poor creatures whose lives have already been sufficiently embittered. latn, Sir, your humble and obedient servant, W. D. C.