12 DECEMBER 1840, Page 12

A burlesque extravaganza, called the Teetotallers, was provided for the

purpose of fun at the A delphi ; iii '0, hich the stud of wicker hobby- horses was trotted out, but the audienee would hardly tolerate the ab- surdity. YATES, more SW), Caine lin' wurl, and endeavoured to argue the people tutu laughter--" You were :utilised at the same thing in

Quadrupeds, when John Reeve why not now,

w ith Punt Bedford IS Bacchus: " This exqui-ite specimen of the non- alpeitar created some merriment ; but, though YeTes a second time pleaded for BEDFORD and the basket chivalry in the name of "glorious ohn," the wars of the Wittlers and 'Teetotallers will never rival the fends of the Dungs and Flints.