12 DECEMBER 1840, Page 13


HERE is a beginning: JOSEPH Srrant, a well-known member of the Society of Friends, offers twenty pounds towards a London subscription.


T),>Lubliu articles wh1c11 have appeared in the Spectator, deprecating war and in favour of universal peace, ore encouraging to the friends of humanity, cape- chilly at a time when the servile Government press has thrown its influence on the side of discord and bloodshed ; whether it speaks in relation to the atrocious Chinc,,e opium NV:ir, onto the union of CIIIIISTUN Britain with the Turks in the murder of multitudes of men, women, and children in Syria ; to the recognition of the independence of Texas, by which a premium is given to rebellion, robbery, and the Slave-trade; or in ridiculing such meetings as those held at Manchester, Leeds, and elsewhere, to promote a pacific and friendly feeling towards the French people. Happily, however, it is not in the power of a niereetiary press to prevent reasonable men of all classes from feeling dis- gust and indignatkm at those who will add to the hardens and inis,:ry of the people of England, by on increase of our enormous taxation, for the purpose of sending fleets and armies to destroy unolfentlinz Syrians and I liincse; and the inquiry begins to be made, ace not the actors in theta: scenes of carin under- going it fivourable t nit.on 14 the same work in Scotland, Ireland, cc England, it' commanded be thug employers? and may they not in such all eyed, upon the principle they are now acting on in Syria, fairly ask for aid from their ally the Grand Signior, in vellool fir the service they have just rendered him ? 3Iy principal object, however, in Writing. is to express my entire concurrence in the proposal made in the last number of the Spo.iale,r, that a subscription should be raise.I for the poor sufferers at Lyons. There is a very cordial and friendly teelner here towar.ls the I rAleit c,revially amongst the working- class..s hot, km..wing that 1 shall not have :um epportnnity of uniting with my town-men far the object sul!gesteil, if a sub,eription is opened in London I slo.uld he glad to contribute twenty pounds. I ■1.111 very re-pectlully, Joserit ST(' RC E. I).S. Is it true that one hundred and Seventy Members of the !louse of Commons hold commissions in the Army and Nuivy ; and if sa, items not this constitute the clinq streng111 of the IN ar party m this country