12 DECEMBER 1840, Page 15

The effect of the Bishop of Loares's Bill is now

beginning to be seen—and it may also be hoard by any persons who will take the trouble of visiting St. Paul's Cathedral. The paltry fragment of a Choir which remain:: to it, lately ceesistcd of six Vicars choral in name, though olliy live in fact, the Ois;-sn'st receiving tic salary of one—tin' Mr. Goss, like his predecia.er. holds the two incompati- ble situations of Organist anti Vikair Choral. The live nominal Akir: Choral we re Messrs Goss. V A 1 till AN. CLARKE, NIELD.

(illl.1.111:N. [Three of those gentlemen. it may be re- marked, hold the incompatible situation of Vic.irs Choral at the Abbey ; that is, they ought to be at St. Paul's and at tint' .kbbey at the same hour evt ry day in the year.] Col.min.a died about the

time that the new Parliament passel : and, acting on its

authority, the ['halos r have dislinsd ap,a,:1,,1 nnecessor. Of the twelve Minor Canons, all of whom ought to he singers, and to give their daily attendance. schlorn more than two attend, and none sing. Thus is the ...Nletropolitan Cathedral left with three men singers to perform the sublime services and tunthems of TALUS, C 111110N S, :111(1 1'1.11C1=1.1. / The Bishop of Loal/t1N may now, there- fore, enjoy tht• triumph we anticipated for him, even sooner than we expelled. lle may witness: front his own episcopal throne the wreck and desolation he has assisted to create : he may hear the miserable burlesque of those works of genius whisk It..Ne been con- secrated to the service of religion, and which On that very spot " brought all heaven before the eyes" event of Noneonthrming Minorox.