12 DECEMBER 1840, Page 3

The arguments in the ease of 3Ir. Baines were heard

in the Court of Chancery on Tuesday and Wednesday. The 1AWit Chaneellor reserved hisjudgment until he had looked into the authorities quoted. In the Court of Queen's Bench, on Tuesday, llotherington, tin, book- seller in the Strand, was tried for publishing blasphemous libels in Nos. 5, 8, and 1(1, or linshon's Letter,.' fu the I'le-rgy ,■1 all Ikm,;Th"natinns. The numbers of this publication were sold at one penny each. The Attorney-General, who appeared for the proseew ion, stated that in the numbers selected the people Were called upon to burn the Bible. which was spoken of in the most shameful mamma. The publications of the numbers having been proved, the defendant. who conducted his own case, addressed the Jury for three hours. IL' contended, that iti this

country all persons had the right to discuss doctrinal points, and freely to exnress their opinions. Lord Denman told the Jury that differences of opinion with regord to Christianity might be so expressed as not to amount to a crindual act ; but when ridicule and insult were employed

instead of argument, the ease was very different. •When an appeal was made to the wild and improper feslines or mankind, especially- of the youug, instead of to reason, a jury could not fail to pronounce such a -wells a libel. The Jars- returned a verdict of " Guilty." Sentence was deferred until it could be given in full court.

An action was tried in the Court of Queen's Bench on Thursday, against the 31er:dial of the Queen's Beech Prison, for the escape of a prisoner named Napoleon D'Arnaud. D'Arnand was arrested at Ports- mouth: he we !ben teken to Whitecross Street ; and having applied for relief te I ot: !vent Debtors' Court, was rdmanded for fifteen

In• sells to the Qttc,n.,-. il‘mch Prison. Having been in that prison eight mouths, he contrived to escape in woman's attire. The plaintiff then. broueht this maims to recover from the Marshol the balance which }'A ',haul. owed him. For the was teldueed to show that D'Arnaud had not any property viter,:v.ith to pay his creditors ; and

although they bed offered to lane 24 ol. dimmest them, (which, however,

D'Arnaud could not raise,) vet plAntiff Ivould even then have had but a yen-small sum to receive. Theretbre, if Ilse defend:1m us as liable for any tid•sg, it iambi not lie more than that which would have been his dividend of the 240/. The Jury returned a verdict for the plaintiff —damages 4 ').5.

In the Ceest of Queen's Bench, seterday, ee action was tried for an alleged libel iasested in ficnt/ey'.s Mises t/Lise. In seine songs, published

to east on the mawkish seises of the day, the name of Miss Shillibser had been introduced 1.y the writer, without knowing that such a person was in existence. Miss Shilliheer brought the action to

vindicate herself from the supposed aspersions on her character. The Jury gave her o verdict, with -10e. damages ; it being understood that an explennti!n steed.: be made in the next number of the 11i.c(Pang.

use Braintree Cimrch-rate ea-e was again argued on Thursday. It is now before the Court of Exchequer Chamber, on a writ of error, for

the purpose of beetle:title the judgment of the Court of Queen's Bench,

given in June 1 eite. the rate declared by the Churchwerdens alone, contrary to tl u.cisinn of the parishioners, was declared null. The Court of Tier postpond judgment of the case till next term.

The Court of Common Pleas, on Solite:ley, gave judgment in the case of the lice coolHine and the Reverend Mr. Reynolds, which involved the ..pentien of right to the presentation to the curacy of St. James's, Bury St. Edmund's, disputed between the Bishop of Ely and the Corporation of Bury. A vacancy having eccarred after the passing of the Municieol Reform Act, and beewe the sale of the presentation, which was part of the church patronage in the hands of the old Corpo- ration. the Bishop of Ely claimed the right. and presented the plaintiff,

31r. Mee. Corporation. in support of their right. had presented the defendant. Ties Court decided that the ilislends nominee must he inducted.

The Court of l'emmon Pleas was.

the isrester port :e aurdAy, in try H, the Rolls to 0.,_t•rmille yshether

sessed landed pr,` clay near

was of sound mind when lie -

children. A Cdnunission of Le's.

lel 6 ; and the question was, wit etla-

volt, and wheth...r the will in .inosti st of those intessels of sanity. The .1:try retorts- in favour of the eounger children,

In the Court of Common Pleas. nu Tharsday, an m was tried to recover from Mr. Rodgers, one of Mr. W'ager's agent, the last South-

wark election. compc»sation for services performed by an under-agent previous to the election. The :cress e was, that unless it could be proved that Mr. Rodgers had underednet to sly the plaintiff. Mr. Walter

was responsible. Jury found fur the idAintilf, with 2o/. damages.

In the same Court. a verdlet, 0:1t? ferthing damages, for false rhIrSI1V end Friday and • the Master of d'rauk, who pos- t t of 1 toot 1 a year, f his younger "In insane since Lssed Lucid inter- .•1: el during one e to that effect,