12 DECEMBER 1840, Page 3

VT be (Eolith THE Queen and the Princess Royal continue

in good health. The calls of inquiry are still numerous.

Her Majesty held a Privy Connell on Tuesday afternoon. It was attended by Prince Albert, the First Lord of the Treasury, the Secre- tary of State for the Home Department, the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, the Chief Commissioner of the Woods and Forests, and the Lord Steward. At this Council Parliament was ordered to be further prorogued from Thursday the 10th instant until the 26th of January ; then to meet for the despatch of business. - Prince Albert attended divine service in the Chapel Royal on Sun- day. On Tuesday, he visited the Smithfield Club cattle-show ; and was received by Earl Spencer, who did the honours to the cattle. Oa Wednesday, his Royal highness went to the Polytechnic Institution, and descended in the diving-bell : the Prince, it is said, ordered his attendants to present the man who descends in the diving-dress two guineas, "to keep out the cold." The Dutchess of Kent dined with the Queen and Prince Albert on Tuesday evening, at Buckingham Palace.

The Duke of Sussex and the Dutchess of Inverness returned to Ken- sington Palace on Wednesday, from a visit at Wimbleton Park. The Dutchess of Cambridge, the Princesses and Prince George of Cambridge, arrived in Rome on the 16th November, from Venice. The Pope, on learning their arrival, sent one of his " Prelati domestiei" to compliment them.

The Morning Chronicle's Windsor correspondent gossips thus-

" The nursery and three adjoining rooms at the Castle, for the use of the in- fant Princess and her Royal Highness's attendants, are nearly completed. They are very plainly furnished, and arc most conveniently situated in Vic- toria Tower, over the bedroom which was occupied by her Majesty previously to her marriage. They are a very short distance front her Majesty's bed- chamber, which is over the Augusta Tower. There is now not the least doubt that her Majesty will spend Christmas at the Castle. Prince Albert is ex- pected at the Castle during the ensuing week. In the event of the Prince paying a visit to Windsor, his Royal Highness will return to town the same afternoon. Prince Albert's hunting-stud, which is now at the stables attached to Cumberland Lodge, in the Great Park, consists of four horses oh' great power and considerable speed. Three were purchased for his Royal Highness at Tattersall's; the fourth, Sir Oliver, a chestnut horse, which was formerly in the possession of the Earl of Erroll, when his Lordship teas Master of the I3uckhounds, has lately been purchased by the Prince of the Lord Chamber- lain. The three bought at Tattersall's are Gipsy, 71 brown mare; Vivian, a chesnut horse; and Chronometer, a brown horse, of higli blood and great pro- mise. Three hundred guineas were paid for the latter. They arc all in excel- lent condition, and are earefully exercised during the Prince's absence from the Castle."