12 DECEMBER 1840, Page 3

At the 3lensionlionse, on Monday, Sant and Wallis were brought

before Sir Peter Laurie. on a chard of effecting fraudulent insurances on a vessel called the In-yad. it was stated that they had insared • to the amount of 6.000/. on geods which had never been shipped at all : and the mate of the Dryad gave very full evidence as to the conduct of the master, which shoe the: he had a deliberate in- tention to lose the vessel. The mete loe it oe -.hot :teemed at St. Do- , mingo: and soon afterwards it NI-2t: were remanded for a week.

At the Mmisidnhouse. on Tuesday. Mr. Frederick Boucher. the

Managing Director of the British teel A estrolasien Pardo ee. Moor- gate Street, attended to watch the prasse!dings ern the reading of a report by Mr. Riellords, an aecounteut Who had beet! steedinied by the Lord Mayor to examine into the atiairs of 1110 ills report emu-

' mencel by setting forth tho prospeetus of the semi; and then the

balance-sheet, whieh le! 1 h!L, .! handed to Mr. 11!, ' • '.y Mr. Boucher

and Mr. Whitcomb. :n . ...• lee - fit,• tiontor idle of

the account was 90 1astalments,5;7 '• , • I ; on shares. sat !he 1 of se

which. :1 • ' e

"advances en° leatesh." 71,

L H,

" by Adelaide " esO .s. sfisted of1.

Air. F. Bowing. • ' ot to the bank, ! instalments se, s' . ment on


nceount of les sloe .teltlrawu 1111 ac,,,unt h. 5 Thcr, , i to Mr.

E. Boucher ta " . d Mr. V, Ll 31r. l'ato were stated to be the i st• !ad ese. sOls as it s, ids 31r. F. Voucher.

Of the Sydney account, credited for 27,329/. 14s. tid., Mr. Richards could obtain no clear explanation-

" As to the Adelaide branch, 1 find that the bank took deposits of parties sad granted letters of credit six months before it sent out any remittances or atonsignineLts to meet them, and that it had granted such letters to the extent Mahout ;WOK before it made a sinele remittance or consignment. Mr. F. Boucher has not satisfied me that he did not know of his brother's previous de- parture from the colony, when he granted the bills and letters of credit in litsptember and October of last year."

lalr. Boucher complained that this report was a one-sided statement. Mr. Duncan, he said, an eminent solicitor, had investigated the concern, and said that there would he a considerable advance of profits above the debts. In reply to Sir Chapman Marshall, Mr. Boucher said that 2,5001. deposited by claigrants should be paid; and he offered Alder- man Pirie a check on •;...lney for the purpose ; but it does not appear that it was accepted. Mr. Boucher said that he should consult the pro- prietors as to the expediency of producing Mr. Duncan's report.

On Monday. two men named Bradford and Young, guards on the Southampten Railroad, were fined 10/. alai 21. respectively, for a breach of the regulations. It appeared that they had given four countrymen a short ride, on Sunday evening, and had pocketed the fare; but the gravamen of the charge against them was, that they had directed the men to walk along the railroad, in order to be overtaken by the train. it was dark at the time, and the wee Lad only just emerged from a tunnel, six hundred yards in length, when the train overtook them.

Hindley, the etTine-driver in the employ of the Northern and Eastern Counties Railway, who cmised thi accident on the lath November by running, his en ;

g.ne ageinst a train on the., line, was committed by the 'Magistrate at Worship Street Police-on-ice, on Thursday, for trial at the Sessions. Ilindley is pr,,....cuted by the Eastern Counties Com- pany. lie was bailed by the chairman of the company in whose employ he was at the time.