12 DECEMBER 1840, Page 4

The Bishop of Norwich gave a tiood dinner of roast

beef and plum- padding to 360 inmates of Norwich Workhouse on Wednesday week, in Peoaour of the Queen's accoucheineut. Tim Bishop was present at the dinner.

A public tress-thee was held at Hull, on Thursday, for the purpose of adopting congratulatory addresses to the Queen, Prince Albert, and the Dutches6 of Kent, on the birth of a Princess. The meeting was con- seued by the Mayor, who presided. Mr. Francis, Head Master of the Kingston College, a Conservative, objected to the hurried and party manlier in which the meeting had been got up. Few of the leading Conservative gentlemen hi the town knew that such a meeting was

shout to be held ; as en address of the kind ought to proceed from AU Parties alike, he twee l that the meeting be adjourned. The

motion was seem •ed hy a chartist ; after a long Unit noisy dis- CaSiihill, it was carried. The adjourned meeting was held on Monday evening. The Town-hall was crowdist and the Chartists mustered in great force. An address of congratulation having been moved, an amended address was proposed by Mr. Peck, a Chartist, in which the condition of these who are without the necessaries of life was urged on her Majesty's eonsideratioe, the necessity of inquiry into the causes of their grievances enforced, and the Charter proposed as the may remedy. The amended address also expressed the hope, that on this joyful occasion her Majesty wculd liberate "the incarcerated victims of political persecution." This aiiiendment was negatived, after many speeches and much uproar ; and the orieinal address of congratulation was carried. An anet,drnent was proposed in the address to Prince Albert, praying hint to use his influence with the Queen to obtain leaden for those confined for political °fiances. The Mayor refused to gat that amendment, as it was considered illegal for any subject to use his- influence over the Sovereign in the administration of the affairs of the Country. The addresses were then agreed to; though the Chartists maintained that the majority of Lauds held up had been in favour of their amendments.

from inquiries we have made, we regret to find that in several pa- rishes the Chartists have houses for holding weekly meetings. At one of these houses, in Back Fields, St. Paul's, Bristol, there was rather a large muster on Monday evening. Among other inducements held out to subscribers, it was gravely stated that the holders of cards would be entitled to special favour "when the Charter was carried!" The dupes paid 2,1. per week, and 11/. additional to defray the cost of a triumphal entry into Bristol for the firebrand Vincent —Bristol Standard.