12 DECEMBER 1840, Page 4

The eminent house of Fox and Co., wire-drawers, of Birmingham,

stopped payment on Wednesday. Their liabilities are said to exceed 130,0001 ; but it is hoped eventually there will he 20.c. in the pound for all the creditors. By this unlooked-for event upwards of five hundred pair of hands will be thrown out of employment in Birmingham alone,

besides a great number in Wales.— Worcester Herald. '• The report of the trade of Manchester this week is not so favourable as last. The Manchester Guardian of Wednesday says- " A large amount of business has been done during the last ten days, espe- cially in yarns fin. India and in goods suitable for the Mediterranean markets; but the feeling yesterday was not quite so buoyant as on the preceding Tues- day, and the demand was generally on a more limited scale, but without any change in prices. Some little flatness was, no doubt, caused by two failures reported in Glasgow, by which some loss will he sustained in Manchester; as well its as one in Liverpool and another in Belfast, which, though not mate- rially connected with the trade of this district, have still a tendency to diminish confidence."