12 DECEMBER 1840, Page 4

Vic Vrobintes.

Mr. Williams, M.P. for Coventry, met his constituents on Monday fa.st, for the purpose of redeeming his pledge to give an account of his stewardship at the close of every session of Parliament. A resolution was unaaintously agreed to expressing approval of Mr. Williams's con- tact and thanking hint for his services.

The Yorhshireman states that Colonel Phipps, a relation of the Mar- quis of Normanby, has been making a general canvass of the borough of Scarborough, in consequence of the announced intention of Sir Charles Style to retire when the present Parliament is dissolved.

We are sorry to learn that Mr. Codrington, the respected Member for the Eastern division of the county of Gloucester, met with an acci- dent while hunting with the lake of Beaufort's hounds on Wednesday, which prevented his intend:ince at the Cirencester Agricultural Meeting tea the following day.—.I1 eeeester Journal.

A public dinner was given at Manchester, on Thursday, to Sir Thomas Potter, late Mayor of the beretesh, as a mark of respect for his public services, and for the great personel sacrifices he has made in be- half of his fdlow townsmen. Ab.ott tifai persons sat down to dinner, at which the present Mayor presided. Mr. Greg, in returning thanks with his colleague v. hen their healths Were drunk, said he should eon- time to devote hiaisQlf to his ditties in Parliament until its dissolution, when he should retire. Mr. Clisborne, M.P., and Mr. Milner Gibson, were present at the dinner. The former remarked with dissatisthetion ea the state of the Liberal party in the country at present. ney seemed to him to he suffering under a natural decay, which he feared it would require all their energies to check. lie blamed the Ministry toy this, fir when they had power they dal not know how to make use of it. They gave quarter to enemies who never gave quarter to them.

The Mahlon and Essex. True Blue Club dined together on Wednes• day, at Maldon ; Mr. J. Round, M.P., presiding.

The Flintshire Conservative Association had their annual dinner on Thursday week, at Mold ; Lord Dungannon in the chair. Among the sompauy were Lord Kenyon, Sir R. Glynne, Sir IL Cunliffe, and the Honourable Major Napier.