12 DECEMBER 1840, Page 7


The North-western provinces are still the scene of the greatest interest in India. Dost Mohammed, assisted by the treacherous Walt of Kholum, had assembled a considerable twee. The first Ilse which he made of this army was to detach a party to attack Bajgall. a place in Turkistan, occupied by a British adeancedepei,t. Ceptain Codrington, the Commander of' the station, aided by :t troop of Cl0 Afghan cavalry under the leadership of Lienteeent It ettray, repuleed the enemy with great loss on their side. 'Ile imp...at:ince of post 3Iohammed and the Wali of Kholum, whh a 1.tree Csbee force. obliged the British to fail back upon Bamian. Dost Mohammed followed, and resolved to risk a decisive engegenieot. The troops at Bamian, under the command of Brigadier Dennie, consisted of ;deed : 1,000 men ; Dost Mohammed's army: of about S.uoti or 10,000 Men. The correspondent of the Dettti Gazette gives the following account of the engagement— "I can scarcely see, front the smoke issuing from our guns, which are now rattitte, forth a 1,•.■pli Sainte in honour of a most brilk.mt and eimmh•tit 5 a•tery he .• 1r i a!tialde e•Ii•z gaineeby a small detachment of British troops over illy eimilaiird which Frary.. That lIohainmed Khan and the Wali of Kholion ou the morning of Ili: • ramie Av,e he, [October,] in which the tormer was severely wounded; I.:eying, three sirdur,, 300 men dead on the field, together witlt the whole of baggage, standards, kettle-drums, and the only livavy pier, s of ordnance 1.0 • ' ' . with hio had brought into the field with him; all of which were captured hy '••-• detachment. oe expreesed tied it re•ervr•I 1 " It appears that on the evening of the 1711i instant llrigiulier 1)ennie wes I saitl they civieired informed that the Anwer's advanced guard had actually arriy5a1 to u sight it' they concri 1 eat France was h.

of Bamian, follinviter morning the Brigadier tool( out e 'may, imusi:.time spring for evtiee, rt 'sent' Mimed:et.

of 2;0 of the Thirty-tiftl; Native hilantry, 23(1 of the 1,;1- M.I:ue

talon, Some of the Shah's Second llorse, Captain Ilars's corps of .1,itinhaz.e, ard t, of 11„. two of the llorse Artillery guns, to reconnoitre the ; when, a 1, r naw-

ing out to a short distance, to his no small stirpiMe tic lho :al hind If B.:h.:H.'. Isar: : thrown, in front of 1)ost Mohnininctl Khan hums It', at ihe of ;in ariny t , .1'. 7 y

8,000 men. The Brigadier instantly determined on risiiii.g an action, and .tt't ' •'

directed our gulls to open, which they did with such eniiiirlit prevision as to lit thlow the whole of the emus' into the greatest confit,i,'n. nicy, however, I 'Foulen. Collected and came boldly down to the charge, were, repel.e..I. tallied, and charged in a must feroeious manner ; but ittilinannately• tic: them. Is valour of ing the British was n tlegrt'e too great to admit of :toy 111..g made III

then), and they drove this multitude beihre them Berk of 'file

action Listed fur some tittle, when the combined fel..•.s, it useless to ot. yt. „ make any further attempts, took to flight, yarn cur their y aitiabil along with them. Brigiulier TIennie rip.u•Is in the Inglirst ti•rnis of the 0,110,11Ct 05 the troops, which, he says, is Inwood all praise. little I ieorkliits ;toed their part of the play with their Tweitstoonal bravery, and the shin:Maze eiwps is also 81,0ken dos haying behaved remarkably well—icdeed, it is 111111.7e,-.311" to Make any remarks on the conduct of the troops; the numbers !hat w ere op. posed to them :done speak volumes fur them. The eunvny of Cuptaill kiss's AllgInin corps, width ran away with 'lick arms (new-pattern tion,I;ets) fall of the ' (r,.1!1, IL' 71 and accoutrements to the 1)ost, acted tis field inflame.. and Mot at us in orvat I balance of pal er is: b and will not slid. r It I' .,• btyle ; they were, however, marked, mud it is to he hoped that hut flit' of thou I Ibisto the • ' nati"'''1`"1 tits' P escaped; some of them, in beilig overtaken ou the flight, asked fur quarter, but interested in it 111 I.er ua n dignity. It the itch:115o ie.' ha 1,_ that was out of the question." require, Sire; Prance rise at ...■ictie aud the 55 h.

The loss on the English side had not been announced. Lieutenant Le Geht (or Le Geyt, for the name is spelled both ways) is the only officer mentioned as killed. A report was current that Dust Mohammed had died of his wounds.

The intelligence from other quarters is less satisfactory. Captain Brown (whom Major Clibborne was proceeding to relieve at Behan when he was forced to make the diseetrous retreat mentioned in the papers received by the last mail) had been glad to capitulate with the Murrces by whom he was besieged ; and they on their 'lie were glad to obtain the fort upon condition of granting him a free passmie,—a con- dition which they honourably fulfilled, providing hint with :in escort of thirty Belooches under the nephew of the Murree chief. The fortress of Quettah was threatened by Nusseer Khan with 1,10n le!' ('lies. Ge- neral Nott, followed by 1\lejor Genera! Brooks. was on the edvance to recapture Khelat ; where Lieutenant Loveday still remained, ill with fever, and less kindly treated than he had been. IA k,iletan, a party tinder Sir H. Site had been repulsed in an attack on a 501011 fort; but the fort was evacuated on the same evening. Captein E. Conolly, Aide-de-camp to Sir R. Sale, was hill:a in the engaeetnent. The fol- lowing particulars of this repulse arc elvn' by the _jail/ (.7etfetr Extra of the 21st Octiiher- " Our course in Afghanistan is a checkered one. 'We hail scarcely recorded the gallant triumph of Colonel I)ennie when it becomes our painful task to announce a rather disastrous alltor in hinostan. In at oo -mall fort in that district, with a party Maj..st, is Thirteenth Light I of...it IT, led by Sir R. Sale, the a-s illants were reptilstd, with the le.: Id twelve n killed and several woutaltd, nuns:;; y•lioin were some ofie....s. Captain E. Conolly, who had volitiocitred as Aid, -dc-camp to Sir II. r was shot through the heart by the si lc -II' the ( ;racial. 'flue fort w:is iv:muut.d rvening of the assault ; but as tl:e cldrfs of Kholstm w.ve is. ibe time of the smack, mot not taking it itter of 1...1iet. adluce. it i5 sail, was

to the sieiri te,

It sax timt Op.•rathms wou; h.a to the Panjeb; Nebel Sineh. the teipl,ew of Kimmel:. Sigh (the Ili I N.M.!) and the virtual ruler be vioei. It ie said, assisted )O:4 :doh:mauled with funds to the extent of Eftee:1 hire rupees. It was sttplm,ed ;hat Kurruk Singh was divine- Elimmtri; Were flying about, that Nepenl weS inIri..1.1;illg With the of the Fulijan and with China ; and that t':e l'idifical Agent at Cain:melee, had iniele a report to the G,r.vr;:or-GLn...:•:11, which celled far miihativ inttrfer,mye. 'the I kli,!,..tla says that misuse rumonrs, which. were el every vielit cee tea days, are without found:a:101g