12 DECEMBER 1840, Page 9

The Polytechnie lustitution, whieh has asstundl the title of'" Royal"

in virtue of a visit from Prince Albert, is reopened to the public for the season. .:'events additional rooms and a new theatre have been added, and the number of curious and Is mini of Teets is greatly in-

creased. At the private vitw on Thorsday. nenrly three thousand visitors were admitted; and the halls .;!Aeries were consequently

too crowded to admit of :ea attent 4,f thvir contents.

The diving-bell was in constant refrOsitlfet : foul since the Prince has been down in it, it will probably become a tashionalde amusement.

Mr. Effingham Wilson—stimulated, it would :wear, by a recent burglary committed on his own residence—bat: inventod an apparatus by means of which complete protection is afforded against bousobreakers. It may be fixed to doors and window-stmt -CC: e hen in will be found impossible far any person whether from within or without to open either, but the toaster, who may have entire command over the fast• enings.