16 AUGUST 1930, Page 1

News of the Week


THE gravity of our unemployment grows no less. While blame and remedies are bandied about freely in argument, we need not emphasize here the faults, moral or economic, of the Government or of industrial leaders Or trade unions, which make our position worse than those of other nations where life is generally more laborious and less of the rewards is swept into the dead hand of the State by crippling taxation. It is without any schadenfreude that we read the accounts of the spread of troubles elsewhere ; rather it is with increasing anxiety for ourselves. The prosperity of those with whom we trade is one of the first things needed to bring back prosperity here. Among our fellow-subjects in Canada and Australia over 300,000 are reported as out Of work. In the United States, where there are no statistics precisely comparable with ours, it is reckoned that about 6,000,000 are out of work ; probably about the same proportion to the population as in Great Britain. In Germany the figures arc again close upon our 2,000,000. In Italy, now the home of authoritarian- ism, larger and larger- schemes arc proposed for setting the uneinfiloyed to aoik Under' idithotify.'

they arc alarmed by the increasing difficulty of finding work and wages for all. * * * *