16 AUGUST 1930, Page 2

Empire Development The Daily Herald announced on Tuesday an important

new plan of oversea migration which the Government will put forward at the Imperial Conference. They are looking to the formation of Public Utility Corporations enabling whole communities of migrants to settle in undeveloped areas within the Dominions. Backed by Government credits, these new corporations will be, as it were, the modern " public " equivalent of the settle- ments established by the Hudson Bay Corporation, the Canadian Pacific or the South African Chartered Company or by men like Lord Selkirk. It appears that some Ministers in the Dominions favour the scheme, and it has also received the blessing of Canadian Trade Unions. Mr. George Lansbury, himself an old migrant, is giving it especial attention. We publish on another page an interesting record of a London settler in Canada, which should encourage the fainthcarts. Another link of Empire unity is the establishment of a permanent short-wave Empire Broadcasting Station. This has been under negotiation for some time by the parties concerned, and even if the Dominions are unable to assist financially, the success of some such scheme is guaranteed. There remains, of course, the difficulty that in some parts of the Empire daylight reigns when Great Britain is in darkness.