16 AUGUST 1930, Page 2

There does not seem to be much excitement about it

in Poland, either. France, however, led by the Temps, which has written in a strain reminiscent of the early post-War years, has been more readily stirred, and M. Poineare has revived old memories in another speech at Bar-le-Due. This only shows, as the Manchester Guardian says, that France and Germany still live in different mental worlds. We have shown elsewhere, that no true policy of peace can be based on the official French conception of the international order. The belief that the Treaties signed at Paris must not be altered, is natural enough to the " static " minds, although, with French consent, some of those Treaties have already been modified. Except for the anomaly of the Polish Corridor, there may be no question of redrawing frontier lines. What is important, is to change the character of the present boundaries so as to make co-operation and communications easy, and so to develop the efficiency of the League of Nations that the Minorities Treaties may be strictly enforced. *

* * *