16 AUGUST 1930, Page 2

Turkey That restless dictator, the Gliazi Mustapha Kemal Pasha, is

stirring actively at home and on the outskirts of Turkey. His troops, engaged in trying to control insurgent Kurdish tribes, have had orders to cross the Persian frontier in their operations, a very serious international matter. He himself has been at Yalova on the Sea of Marmora with the Prime Minister, General Ismet Pasha. Thither they summoned Fethi Bey, the Ambassador at Paris. They seem to have agreed together, though we beg leave to doubt the willingness of Ismet, that a new political party should be formed and led by Fethi. This will upset the comfortable arrangements that have prevailed in the last " made " elections, in which Ismet's Popular Party had no rival. Fethi Bey will lead a Liberal Republican Party. We can only suppose that Mustapha thinks that Turkish finance and foreign policy, which are perhaps one in his mind at present, will be best dealt with if a man of the world, like Fethi Bey, eventually achieves power and so represents his country to the world.

* * * *