16 AUGUST 1930, Page 20



Every law-abiding citizen—" men of goodwill " as Mr. Baldwin would phrase it—must wish that our roads should not be fraught with such real peril, to life and limb, as they are to-day, by reckless motor-driving. As a frequenter of police courts, where I study human nature, I find that it is prac- tically the only offence ofLaw's infraction in which the defendant does not appear except by a solicitor; Magistrates seem to condone the offence of what is practically contempt of court, and unless an affidavit of inability is forthcoming, magistrates ought to demand the offender to appear in propria persona. A certain class of solicitor thrives on this evil custom of cases being tried in absentia. I believe that if this rule were rigidly enforced, it would tend to diminish motor offences.— J. P. BACON PHILLIPS, Burgess Hill, Sussex.