16 AUGUST 1930, Page 27

THE OWNER LIES DEAD. By Tyline Perry. (Gollanez. 7s. 6d.)—We

have here that very rare thing—a first-class thriller which is also a novel full of human interest and sound psychology. The story opens with an account of a mining disaster. A number of men have already been trapped in an American pit when the owner's son, Tony North, insists on making a final attempt to rescue the possible survivors. After he has been let down in the cage there is a terrific explosion. For weeks all attempts to recover his body have to be abandoned and during this time some of his relatives declare that they have seen his ghost. The rest of the book describes the attempts of several people to solve the mystery of the ghost and to discover the cause of the explosion and of many other strange events, too complicated to be mentioned here. Mr. Perry's story will tax the ingenuity of the most cunning readers and his book deserves more than one reading in order that his brilliant manner of hiding clues may he appreciated.