16 AUGUST 1930, Page 28

Travel Books

The Blue Guides. Switzerland. Second Edition. Edited by Findlay Muirhead. (Macmillan. 15s.)-The Blue Guides. Great Britain. Edited by Findlay Muirhead. (Macmillan. 15s.)-Baedeker's Southern Italy and Sicily. Revised Edition. (Allen and Unwin. 165.)-- The Blue Guides. 70 Miles Around London. Edited by Findlay Muirhead. (Macmillan. 78. 6d.)-Cook's Traveller's Handbook to Normandy and Brittany. By Roy Elston. (Simpkin Marshall. 8s. 6d.)-Bell's Pocket Guides. Kent. By S. E. Winbolt. (Bell. 654 -The Kitbag Travel Books. The English Lakes. By W. T. Palmer. (Harrap. 'Is. 6d.) The Kitbag Travel Books. London Town. By Sidney Dark. (Harrap. 7s. 6d.)-The Handy Hotel Guide. (The Hotel and General Advertising Co., Temple House, Tallis Street, B.C. 4. 6s.) The Secret of Spey. By Wendy Wood. (R. Grant. 7s. 6d.)- Autumns in Skye, Ross and Sutherland. By T. Ratcliffe Barnett. (R. Grant. 7s. 6d.) -Blue Rhine Black Forest. By Louis Untermeyer. (Harrap. 7s. 6d.)-Travels in Normandy. By Roy Elston. (Bell. 78. 6d.)-The Glamour of the Glen. By William McConachie. (Oliver and Boyd. 7s. 6d.)