16 AUGUST 1930, Page 3

In a letter to the Manchester Guardian of Wednesday, Mr.

E. D. Simon set forth his reasons for asking whether tariffs are not to-day an essential part of the system of nationally controlled, though not nationally managed, industries, to which the world is tending. He will, there- fore, probably welcome the report in the Daily Herald of Monday that Mr. H. D. Henderson, editor of the Nation, has recommended a 10 per cent. revenue tariff, with rebates for the Dominions, in a memorandum which is now being considered by Ministers. Free Traders should find it easier to contemplate a flat-rate tariff, with its reduced opportunities for log-rolling, rather than a graduated protective system with all its attendant evils. If, as is possible, the yield of Mr. Snowden's Income Tax is less than he hoped, it is possible that even his resistance may be weakened. *