16 AUGUST 1930, Page 3

M. Valdemaras * * * * • Since, to his

astonishment, M. Valdemaras was super- seded as Prime Minister of Lithuania, we heard little of him until the Government announced that he was to be banished from Kovno and, later, arrested for pecula- tion. It seems that the Government intend to approach Poland afresh upon the bitter question of Vilna. They have asked the League of Nations to put the question of the Polish Boundary on the Council's Agenda for September. They may think that the ex-Prime Minister would intrigue against them with his organization of the " Iron Wolf," for he has been quite obsessed on that matter. We have always blamed General 'Leligowski and the Polish Government for the manner in which they became possessed of Vilna, but it became impossible to support M. Valdemaras in his intransigent way of deal- ing with Poland, and his lack of really good faith when the League tried to help. Yet it is disturbing to find this kind of arbitrariness employed by politicians in power against the person of an opponent. M. Valdemaras is a distinguished, clever and learned man, who has tried to serve his country. * *