16 AUGUST 1930, Page 3

Sir Horace Smith-Dorrien

We deeply regret to record the death of General Sir Horace Smith-Dorrien. His long active military career began in the Zulu War in 1878. After Islandhlwana lie was doubly recommended for the Victoria Cross. He was in the battle of Tel-el-Kehir and remained in Egypt until 1887. He then went to India and took part in the Chitral and Tirah campaigns. In the Boer War he commanded a Brigade with great success, and in 1901 became Adjutant-General in India. He held the Aldershot Command from 1907-1912. On the outbreak of the Great War he took command of the Second Corps upon the death of General Grierson. Thus he became responsible at Le Cateau for one of the most important battles in history ; at any rate General Von Klock so considered it. With the reluctant consent of the Com- mander-in-Chief he turned in the retreat, and inflicted heavy losses on vastly superior German forces. It is generally agreed that by his action the British Army was saved. He fought on in command of the Second Army, but unfortunately he did not feel that Sir John French had full confidence in him, and returned boom to take command of the Home Defence Force. In 1915 his health broke down when he was on his way to take command in East Africa. He was adored by his men, whom he in return treated both in peace and war as sensible people who could be trusted. His own dignity was shown by his behaviour under most unfair criticism, and those who knew him best knew best his high and

honourable character.

* * *