20 AUGUST 1921, Page 2

In the House of Commons on Friday, August 12th, Mr.

.Asquith moved the rejection of the Safeguarding of Industries Bill. Ile said that he did not know whether to regard it as a serious fiscal proposal or an ephemeral political freak. Notwithstanding the removal of some excrescences from the Bill, it would be better, in his opinion, to have a tariff with all its vices and draw- backs. He repudiated the accusation that there was any connexion between the Bill and the Resolutions of the Paris Conference for which ho had been responsible in the war. If

Btate encouragement for key industries was necessary, the best way to give it was by an open subsidy. Mr. Chamberlain chaffed Mr. Asquith about the Paris Resolutions, and reminded him that Mr. Runeiman, who was then President of the Board of Trade, said that " We ought to see to it that Germany does not raise her head again." Ultimately the third reading was carried by 176 votes to 54. The Speaker certified the BM as a Money Bill, so that it cannot be amended in any essentials by the House of Lords. The Lords nevertheless amended the Bill on Wednesday, so that the Session will apparently have to be prolonged.