20 AUGUST 1921, Page 2

Mr. De Valera then declared that Dominion status for Ireland

was " illusory." The Dominions enjoyed freedom because they were remote. " The most explicit guarantees, including the Dominions' acknowledged right to secede, would be necessary to secure for Ireland an equal degree of freedom." Such guarantees were not offered. Ireland's geographical situation was made " the basis of denials and restrictions unheard of in the case of the Dominions." Ireland would be " a helpless dependency." Sinn Fein would, however, negotiate " a certain treaty of free association with the British Commonwealth group as with a partial League of Nations," if Ulster would submit to Dublin rule on these terms. Ireland would enter into treaties for " free inter-trade " and " mutual limitation " of armaments.. Her liability for a share of the Debt should be assessed by three arbitrators, one each to be appointed by Great Britain and Ireland and the third to be nominated, in case of disagreement, by the American President. Sinn Fein could effect a " complete reconciliation " with Ulster if Great Britain would stand aside, but did not mean to use force. It would submit the Ulster question to " external arbitration."