20 AUGUST 1921, Page 23

READABLE NOVELS.—Martha and Mary. By Olive Mary Salter. (Collins. 7s.

6d. net.)—A novel concerning the hero's two marriages. Of the first it may be said that his wife was too good for him, and of the second that lie got nothing but what ho deserved. The character drawing is cleverly executed, but tho book leaves an unpleasant impression on the reader's mind.— The Sell of Life. By F. E. Moray. (Beath, Cranton. Gs. net.)- An analytical autobiography in which the writer is really the pivot of her world, in spite of most of the story being concerned with the days of the war, Such fictitious books of reflections were more in fashion some years ago. Probably real auto- biographies have cut them out because of the greater indis- cretion of their revelations.