20 AUGUST 1921, Page 24

The Geographical Journal for August contains Mrs. Resits Forbes's paper

on her adventurous journey across the Libyan desert to Kufra, and an interesting address by Sir Percy Sykes on " South Persia and the Great War." The most important article is, however, Mr. Driberg's account of " The Lange District, Uganda Protectorate," because it shows what intelligent and sympathetic administration may do for a primitive African race. The Lange, who live north of Lake Kioga and east of the Upper Nile, were, until a few years ago, noted for their turbulence. They have been induced by their British adminis- trators—never more than two or three in number—to organize themselves in a peaceful and orderly fashion and to grow cotton and sesame for their own benefit. They have been supplied with good seed and taught to plough, with the result that they are now exporting about 5,000 tons of cotton- a year. The Lange hold aloof from other tribes and have a stern moral code, which the administrators have been careful to respect. The problem is " to maintain the commercial prosperity of the area and yet at the same time to uphold the old tribal restraints."