20 AUGUST 1921, Page 25

Repressed Emotions. By hector Coriat, M.D. (Allen and Unwin. 7s.

6d. net.)—Dr. Coriat has made a special study of Russian literature from the point of view of psycho-analysis, and he has illustrated his book, which is for the general reader, with an interesting account of " cases " from this source. Par• titularly good is the long summary of Goncharov's Oblvimov, the story of the virtuous sensitive man who cuts himself off from life and lives in day-dreams. He becomes at last an entirely " shut in " personality, and retrogresses to a childish mental and emotional state. As an awful warning the tale could hardly be bettered. We feel that it wants more counter-weighting by an account of the advantages of contemplation in moderation. Dr. Coriat insists a little too much on the universal applicability of psycho-analysis, and has a short way of affirming as facts matters which are still controversial among experts.