20 DECEMBER 1940, Page 12


SIR,—The people most concerned in the creation of a "new order" after victory are the inhabitants of those countries now overrun and devastated by Hitler and his cruel hordes. All those countries have already had a " sample " of what a new order would mean under the Nazi yoke ; and all that remains now is for our Prime Minister to state clearly and frankly what will happen to the countries con- cerned after the victory of the Allies. The inhabitants of the devastated countries, through their appointed leaders, will, of course, have the first voice in the setting up of a permanent regime of peace and contentment ; and we may take it for granted that no country will consent to remain under the brutal Nazi regime of slavery and tyranny. Can one imagine, for instance, that France will be content to submit to the destruction of all her industries, and devote all her time and efforts to the growing of food for her Nazi masters? Personally, I would like to see published, without delay, a brochure containing a summarised statement of all the Nazi cruelties and confiscations in the conquered countries ; followed by a statement of the aims and intentions of the Allies after victory.

That brochure should be translated into the languages of the over- run countries, and circulated widely within each country.—Yours, &c.,