21 DECEMBER 1867, Page 1

The idea of a Conference on the Italian question has

been formally given up in Paris. It appears that Napoleon accepts a situation he did not intend, for on 16th October S. Nigra saw M. Rouher, and told him that if French troops landed Italy would intervene in Rome ; whereupon, writes S. Nigra, in a confidential despatch just published by his Government, " M. Rouher proposes that the double intervention may be regulated by common agree- ment and contemporaneously effected ; in default of which it might lead to a collision and to war. Signor Rouher would, more- over, undertake to provoke, so soon as order should be re-estab- lished, an equitable solution of the Roman question, either by means of a Congress or otherwise." Now M. Rouher declares the " Italians shall never nave Rome."