21 DECEMBER 1867, Page 1

The latest telegrams from Abyssinia are up to the 7th

December. Before that date King Theodore had destroyed Debra Tabor by fire, and was marching through bands of native insurgents on Magdala, while the advanced brigade of the expedition was at Senafe, in a good climate with plenty of water, and no opposition from the natives. The Made Brigade had arrived, and Colonel Merewether telegraphs that he is convinced the march into Abys- sinia will be quite easy. There appears to be some dread that Theodore's object is to seize the captives at Blagdala, and hold them as hostages to be put to death if the British advance further, but at present they are in safety. if Colonel Merewether is un- fettered, we shall be greatly surprised if that dashing partizan. does not rescue the prisoners before Theodore reaches Magdala. His Beloochees would follow him anywhere at twenty-five miles a day.